GetSum! Veteran Entrepreneur Series for Military Families Begin

How does a Veteran Entrepreneur gain the high ground in their next chapter of life? How do military families deal with the transition of being in a structured environment and now having to do everything themselves?

“Get Sum!” is a new series for the Veteran Entrepreneur and military families in business. Taking on the “next mission” for some is in the field of entrepreneurship.

Each veteran interviewed takes you into their mindset of success after a military career. They’ll also discuss their transition into owning their own business, identifying opportunities and fighting through challenges.

Leaders in the military have now become leaders as entrepreneurs. Each one has their own way of expressing it and leveraging their experiences.

Veteran Entrepreneurs Featured in GetSum!

You’ll hear from:

* Rudy Reyes, Marine Corps Force Recon and now author/model/actor, HBO’s Generation Kill

* Jocko Willink, Navy Seal Commander, best-selling author of Extreme Ownership & Dichotomy of Leadership

* Scott Huesing, Marine Corps Major and author of Echo in Ramadi

* Eric Carpenter, AirForce and owner of ADTS, a DRONE pilot school

* Andrew O’Brien and Omari Broussard, Army and Navy, now partners of Leveraged Influence

* Steven E. Kuhn, Army tank commander and owner of Immediate Impact Consulting

* Chris Soriano, former Navy and founder of CLEVER Talks

* Donny O’Malley, Marine Corps officer and founder of VetTV – Veteran Television

* TheMarineRapper, Marine Corps combat journalist and entertainer, musician

*Chris Soriano, former Navy, journalist and founder of CleverTalks

* Daniel Alarik, Army Drill Sergeant and CEO of Grunt Style, a $100M company and lifestyle brand

…and many more!

Every Friday beginning 02 Nov 2018, there will be a new interview posted on @MoneySmartGuy Matt Sapaula’s YouTube Channel.

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