Matt Sapaula on EP21 Living Money Smart a Vetrepreneur VLOG - Make Money or Excuses

Make Money or Excuses | Living Money Smart a Vetrepreneur VLOG EP21

You can make money or excuses. You just simply cannot do both. Life will always throw curveballs your way. Plenty of distractions true entrepreneurs will have to process, overcome and still get the job done. Make Money or Excuses, But

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Matt Sapaula has an opinion about work life balance, traditional retirement planning and entrepreneurship

Opinion on Work Life Balance, Retirement Planning and Entrepreneurship

Work life balance eh? Overrated. Traditional retirement planning? And then what. Sheena and I both fully put our feet 👣 together in the entrepreneurial footprints 30 months ago. In that timeframe, we’ve never taken more than a half day off.

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Matt Sapaula discusses how to reach your next level

3 Must-Dos to Reach Your Next Level

How do you reach your next level? Onboard a private jet tour with Patrick Bet-David, host of Valuetainment and CEO/Founder of PHP Agency, I get to grab some quick nuggets in this interview. Reach Your Next Level – How Symbolic

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Come Fly With Me | Living Money Smart a Vetrepreneur VLOG EP20

Come fly with me on a private jet tour! Invited by my mentor, Patrick Bet-David of Valuetainment, we visit 6 cities in 3 days. We’re in search of the next wave of leadership in PHP Agency. Come Fly With Me

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Matt_Sapaula_Huffington Post

Huffington Post: Create Your Own Economy

When in doubt, always take control! Totally jacked to be featured on the Huffington Post as Dwayne Pero, author of the Empowered Veteran, shares my story. 2017 has been a year where I have launched a VLOG called Living Money Smart,

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Jo Koy makes a cameo during Living Money Smart, a Vetrepreneur VLOG ep19 - Always Improve Your Situation

Improve Your Situation | Living Money Smart a Vetrepreneur VLOG EP19

Always look to improve your situation.Never settle. Jo Koy opens up episode 19 while performing over 13 sold out shows at the Chicago Improv. He’s been working his craft for over 20+ years. While at the White House a couple years

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Matt Sapaula interview with Grunt Style CEO Daniel Alarik

Grunt Style’s CEO Interview with Daniel Alarik

What veteran ISN’T a fan of Grunt Style t-shirts? Honored to grab an interview with CEO Daniel Alarik who has taken $1200 into a $100 million dollar company. Grunt Style – featured in Forbes Daniel was recently featured in Forbes

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Matt Sapaula shares in his VLOG about the exponential growth of PHP Agency in Chicago and Oakbrook, IL

Exponential Growth | Living Money Smart a Vetrepreneur VLOG EP18

Linear growth versus exponential growth. People want to build a company. I’ve experienced that the focus should be building PEOPLE. They in turn build a company. It’s how we’ve grown from 11 people to over 21 small agencies in just

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Matt Sapaula embarks upon a private jet tour with his mentor Patrick Bet-David.

Finding Leaders in Business – Private Jet Tour Kickoff with PHP Agency

Private jet – we meet again. This time it’s about finding leaders that are new in business. Build leaders and “they” will come. Well, that’s my little adaptation of Kevin Kostner from the movie, Field of Dreams. As we embark

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Matt Sapaula talks about meeting the great ones. Expect the Unexpected!

Expect the Unexpected | Living Money Smart a Vetrepreneur VLOG EP17

In you’re consistent and focused, expect the unexpected. In this episode, journey with me as I get to meet some movers, shakers and all-time greatest in their field. It’s a by-product on focusing on success, chasing your greatness, concentrating on

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