About Money Smart Company

Established in 2005, Matt Sapaula's Money Smart Company is a Chicago-based national personal finance coaching, career advisor training and mentoring firm that is committed to helping individuals transform their personal and professional financial lives.

We are a first-rate operation that understands personal finance from consumer to career advisor. Our mission is to transform the way people think, feel, manage and reach towards financial independence - this applies to those seeking help getting their financial house order and for those needing help establishing their new entrepreneurial career in financial services.

Our specialty is in helping real people overcome their financial and professional challenges and make a better life for themselves.

Money Smart Company’s cornerstone service offerings include:

Money Smart Process Financial Coaching – A customized three-step personal finance-coaching program that is designed to help individuals and families achieve stability and independence in their financial lives by addressing cash flow, debt management, emergency funds, asset protection, wealth management and preservation.

Encore Career – A sophisticated business-building platform that helps aspiring entrepreneurs establish their new careers as independent financial advisors and construct their own advisory practices from the ground up.

Mastermind Group - A premier professional mentorship program that guides and holds established entrepreneurs accountable throughout the strategic growth of their business. Mastermind Group is an exclusive mentoring program for Money Smart Network affiliated independent licensed advisors of Money Smart Company.

When it comes to better managing your money and earning more money, Money Smart Company can help you transform your life. Contact us today to learn more