PHP Agency and the Money Smart Movement team

How did PHP Agency and Matt Sapaula come together?

Established in 2005, Matt Sapaula's Money Smart Movement was founded in Chicago during the Federal Reserve Bank's "Money Smart Week".


Money Smart Week is a focused week raising the level of financial literacy and awareness. Through these planning meetings and media campaigns, Matt's vision of the Money Smart Movement team was born.

Matt Sapaula during Money Smart Week and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago


Biggest questions people ask after our workshops:

  1. Where were you years ago?
  2. How come more people don't know about this?

Hence, Matt Sapaula was just an individual agent and advisor at that time. He felt that there was so much more people to impact than the 60-80 clients a year he would see.

"There needs to be more than just a week to focus on financial education" - Matt Sapaula

It was at this time, the leader and recruiter that helped Matt during his eight year career in the Marine Corps was re-engaged to begin a Movement. Not to mention, one of Matt's biggest influences is Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Reading that book taught me that it was ok the think differently about money. It taught me to go from employee, to salesperson the entrepreneur. -Matt Sapaula

It's not a secret that people today are living more paycheck to paycheck than ever. It's not a secret that college graduates are struggling to find a job after graduating, yet, have tons of student loan debt to manage. Furthermore, people in the Chicagoland area are having a hard time making ends meet and literally cannot afford to live here.

And it's not just in the city of Chicago or the state of Illinois.

PHP Agency and the Money Smart Movement team

In December of 2014, Matt Sapaula reached out to Patrick Bet-David. After spending a few years at Transamerica's World Financial Group, Matt learned the language of agency building and leadership.

Being exposed to recruiting, building and leading in the insurance industry put me in a power spot that I hadn't felt since being in the Marine Corps. - Matt Sapaula

Looking for the best opportunity to grow, expand and still be with a younger company excited Matt and his core leadership team of the Money Smart Movement. However, when officially making the move, not everyone choose to make the move with him to PHP Agency.

As a leader making any big decision, you will find out very quickly who your friends, family and supporters really are. -Matt Sapaula

Not only did the move pay off but so many people's lives have been affected in a positive direction. Making the move to PHP Agency was a leap of faith. It began with 27 people who traveled to Vegas to officially meet Patrick Bet-David for the first time. Pictured below are those courageous 27!

Matt Sapaula took the original 27 people on his team to meet with PHP Agency in Vegas during their convention.

Matt Sapaula meets Patrick Bet-David and PHP Agency for the first time.


Fast forward, in just three years, the Money Smart Movement team have broken records with PHP Agency. Matt and his wife Sheena, have emerged has a dynamic duo aka "Power Couple" in business. Sheena, is in charge of sales, the client experience and operations as a licensed agent. Matt focuses on marketing, agent recruitment and leadership development.

Current Accomplishments While Aligned with PHP Agency

Since coming to PHP Agency, they have accomplished the following:

  1. Company MVP 3 years in a row 2015, 2016, 2017
  2. First to run a million-dollar agency (also known as a Million Point Baseshop) and have ran this production level 2 years in a row.
  3. Earned their $50k income earner watch in 6 months, $100k in 8 months, $250k in 14 months, $500k in 17 months and $1 million dollars a year income after just 36 months with PHP Agency.
  4. Traveled on company paid trips to Dubai, Puerto Vallarta, Costa Rica, Oheka Castle, Cancun and Lake Tahoe.
  5. Earned stock equity ownership of PHP Agency in round 3 (2015-2016) and round 4 (2017). There are only 2 rounds remaining which is 2018 and 2019. In addition, 10 of the Marketing Directors Matt and Sheena have been mentoring have also qualified for stock equity ownership. This ranks them at #2 in the entire company after only being with PHP Agency for 3 years.
  6. Have offices from coast-to-coast where the Money Smart Movement team HQ is in 12,000 sq ft out of Oakbrook Terrace, IL.
  7. Matt and Sheena Sapaula have been featured in Broker World and Insurance New Net magazine for their work as agency-builders, disrupting the insurance industry. Check out their weekly VLOG called "Living Money Smart". Matt features their current efforts and activities building the fastest growing financial marketing organization in America.

Matt and Sheena continue to recruit and develop new agents into the industry and help them manifest their entrepreneurial goals. Many of their agents are brand new to the insurance industry where they learn from the ground up, how to become an agent and build an agency at the same time.


PHP Agency - Chicago + Oakbrook Terrace and Naperville, IL

Matt Sapaula is based out of a Chicagoland western suburb called Oakbrook Terrace, IL.

FROM PHP Agency Inc website below - 

Every day, we wake up and step into our normal routine. Fate will step in one day, we just don’t know which day. On that day, life insurance stands in the gap for individuals and families who need it.

Patrick Bet-David founded PHP Agency in 2009 to bring life insurance to multi-cultural middle-class America and bring an entrepreneurial opportunity to individuals in those communities.

The company started in Northridge, CA when 66 life insurance agents joined Patrick on the journey to realize his vision. Since that time, over 3,292 individuals have become licensed agents and approximately 41,363 families have been protected by life insurance and annuity products.

Today, the company is partnered with some of the leading life insurance carriers including AIG, Foresters, National Life Group, Nationwide, John Hancock and many others. The company is headquartered in Dallas, TX.