10 Reasons Why I Partnered with PHP Agency

Here are my 10 reasons for partnering with PHP Agency. I knew I wanted to be in business for myself but didn’t know how. Once I got to value relationships and partnerships, I realized how much I didn’t know…and continue to not know.

Weird, eh?

It was either buy a franchise, build a business from scratch or partner with a successful business model? ?‍♂️?

In the 4 steps to creating wealth ? taught in our weekly workshops, choosing a platform is extremely critical. It’s part of a big reason my people do buy a franchise or buy into systems and proven processes.

When going into business for yourself, arming yourself with the right questions will help you save a lot of time. Plus you will avoid spending unnecessary “mistake” money.

Here’s a brief video while my wife and I soared ? with PHP Agency on a private jet tour to visit PHP Agency offices across the country. Today, we are co-owners of the fastest growing financial marketing organization in the US.

PHP Agency started with 60 agents in 2009 and today, with over 5,200 agents in 49 states including Puerto Rico.

10 Reasons Why I Partnered with PHP Agency

Before we get into the reasons, here are 3 assumptions I’d like to put down. People at times have the wrong impression of entrepreneurship and what it really means to going in business for yourself.

You have to be willing to do the following:

  1. Work, work, work – make time, be willing to always improve, check your pride and ego. You’ve got to be willing to get back out there, in the field and constantly give your business another shot without being sensitive
  2. Take Personal Responsibility and Accountability – allow discipline, mentorship and execution catalyze the process to discovering the next best version of you. Entrepreneurship is one of the greatest ways to open yourself up, find the flaws and choose to improve.
  3. Take Ownership, Extreme Ownership – entrepreneurship is a position of leadership. It’s more than most people would experience at their job. You have EVERY job description in your company that you’re responsible for. Best part is when it all pays off after sucking shit for a period of time. That taste of victory is so much sweeter for those willing to take ownership over their business and everything in their life for that matter.

Now, let’s get into the reasons why I chose to partner with PHP Agency. Which reason would make sense to you?

  1. 1. Co-Brand :14
    2. PHP Compensation Plan :55
    3. Exotic Travel 1:38
    4. Personal Attention 2:29
    5. Timing 3:30
    6. Flexibility 4:09
    7. Gamification 4:49
    8. Build Nationally 5:55
    9. Agency Building vs. Personal Production 6:24
    10. Equity Ownership in PHP Agency 7:22

Phew! I could go on and on. One thing for sure, the company has dramatically improved since we got here in January 2015.

Biggest promise from Patrick saying,

“We will work everyday to make our opportunity at PHP Agency, better. You do your part and we’ll do our part.” 

And that they have. PHP Agency has had 11 consecutive quarters of beating the last quarter. That’s going on 3 years now. What company have you heard lately that keeps beating it’s prior best 3 years in a row?

Stay focused on the main thing – helping your customers and your business generate consistent cash flow!