10 Reasons Why You Should Never Quit

Business is a marathon. Don’t look at business too intensely for the results you’re going to create in the next 90 days, 6 months or even a year. This is not a sprint. It is much different that those that choose to get a job, working for someone else versus those courageous enough to start a business.

Here are 10 reasons why you should never quit…and how this specifically applies to entrepreneurs. (Notes taken from an iTunes podcast by Patrick Bet-David for PHP Agency, Inc)

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You hear that you shouldn’t give up. Never QUIT! Winning in business is also understanding the flipside, which is giving up on showing up. The worst part of making a decision to win, is abandoning that initial decision and sinking back into obscurity.

1. Quitting Becomes Habitual – Just as much as winning and sticking it through the tough times because a habit, so does quitting. Finding blame, not being recognized, people not taking you seriously, others questioning your qualifications stating you don’t have a background in business or finance…you could easily give up. You live far away…you could give up. I don’t have any money…you could give up. Everybody I know is an incredible closer. You have found a way to CLOSE yourself to take the easier way out or simply find pleasure versus doing what we need to do.

2. You Validate Others Were Right – when starting out your family, friends, peers think in that back of their minds that you were going to quit. They were laughing at the fact that you started your own business endeavor. When you quit and give up, you validate that they were right! What you tell the world is that your family doesn’t deserve the best! That when you make a decision that the universe shouldn’t take you seriously! Many people use their faith, family and friends as a reason to quit. The reality is that they weren’t good at managing their time, investing in themselves to acquire skills and making the most of opportunities presented to them. They convinced themselves that they couldn’t have it all!

3. People Will Be Glad You Quit – think about the 5 friends you hang out with the most. MENTION THEIR NAMES. Now when you mention their names, ask yourself, “what does their life look like?” Do they have an incredible life? Reality is that they may frequent the bars/clubs, gamble, consumed in sports as a fan, have a lot of non-profitable hobbies etc. It’s been said that you average the income of the 5 people you hang around with the most. Now, imagine you have a dream to make $250k/yr. You go back to your neighborhood five years from now, you are living a LIFE you dreamt. You are well connected, having massive amounts of money saved up, you’ve been traveling all over the world. What does it say to your friends that could have been on the journey with you? These were the same people that grew up with you, you had the same experiences together, you used the same words, etc.  What this tells your friends and family is that they could have pursued it…but THEY were afraid, they gave up and didn’t want to work hard. It’s one of the hardest things you’ll go through in separating from the people you’ve been the most comfortable around. And when you COME BACK to them because you’ve QUIT, they’ll be SO GLAD. You quitting helps them validate why they quit themselves early on, After all you not only QUIT but you DIDN’T prove them wrong and THEY proved themselves RIGHT.

4. Never Know What Would Have Happened if You Stuck it Out – if you quit, you never know what would have happened…and you’ll have to live with that for the rest of your life. There’s a story about a man who LOVED to be a MILITARY GENERAL. God sent a recruiter to recruit him into the Army, he avoided. God kept sending recruiters and opportunities to get involved in the Army, he avoided. So this man continued on with life and settled for a normal life, a regular marriage, didn’t really do anything big and never made any real money. He dies and goes to talk to God and asks, “I’m curious. Can you please tell me who the greatest general is that ever lived, in the world?” God says, interesting, that was supposed to be you. You were supposed to be the GREATEST GENERAL of all time. I sent you signs and military recruiters, opportunities your way and you kept turning them away. You just decided to settle down and live an ordinary life.

WOW. So think about this. How did YOU get recruited into your industry. How many times did someone follow up with you, make sure you kept plugging away, leading you to your next promotion, driving you to the next big event, making sure you got licensed, having JUST enough money to make it to training. How did you meet the person who changed your life? Do you REALLY think it was accidental? What if YOU’RE that person who takes your family, your company, your future generations to the next level…but you were too scared, lacked belief, a strong desire and work ethic to find out. Are you OK living with that? Are you OK knowing that you NEVER lived to your potential? Well if you give up, that’s exactly what the questions you’ll be asking yourself.

5. Consequences of Quitting are Higher than Sticking it Out – ever seen people in LOVE? Their brain is on drugs. People are not mentally in the right place. When someone has it in their minds to quit…nothing gets through to them. Emotions are HIGH, logic is low.

6. Quitting Becomes a Simple Thing to Do – People on the outside can make it seem that they have all the right things going for them. However, when LIFE hits them, and life will hit them, it is how will they react that will tell you the true story. Now, go look in the mirror. Every time things get tough, you quit. You see someone outpacing you, you quit. You feel yourself being uncomfortable because you are making some life changing decisions, you quit. The flipside to quitting is learning how to fight and persevere. This ABILITY becomes a habit. When assessing your team and running buddies, don’t pick the winning horse too quickly. Will they show a FIGHT when tough times arrive? And when they fight, this is someone you can lock onto for the long term.

7. Things That Are “Worth it” Takes Time, Effort and Sacrifice – the more difficult a challenge is, the higher the reward. The most meaningful accomplishments in life don’t come easy at all. Think about 3 of the most greatest accomplishments in your life? What did you experience in your life that you just had a NATURAL HIGH? What do you CHERISH in your life and you’re proud of? Odds are those things you are most proud of, took time, effort and sacrifice.

What’s gonna be the look on your bank tellers face when they help you with your bank account? You know THE LOOK, right? It’s either they look at you because every time you come in you are arguing with them about something because, simply put, you’re broke. Or they look at you when you walk into the bank like a BOSS, have confidence oozing from each step, and they elbow each other that YOU have arrived. What look are they giving you then?

8. You’re CLOSER than You Think You Are – most people give up and success was just right around the corner. The person, opportunity, referral and speaking engagement that EXPLODES your business is so close. Think about Acres of Diamonds.

9. Success Shapes You Before it Rewards You – think about the bamboo…it seems like nothing is happening then next thing, BOOM! While you’re persevering, fighting through things, you don’t see you improving.

10. Life is More Fun When You’re in the Hunt – think about the people that retire. They hang things up… then years later, they pass away. Why do you think John Wooden is 90 years old? He’s in the hunt more often in these days than most retirees. John Wooden choses to be introduced to the person deep down inside of him that WAKES UP everything around him. That gives him light and life…and a cause worthy to pursue, long after his collegiate coaching days.

So, those are the 10 reasons to never quit. I can go on and on, but I’d LOVE to hear from you.

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