10 Thoughts on How to Be a Leader in YOUR Business | Cigars with MoneySmartGuy

1. How to Be The Best Leader Possible?

We just need to lead by example. Nobody is going to want it more than us as we are the entrepreneurs. We have to show people that we are willing to be in the trenches. Whatever we want them to do, we need to do it first and do it better.

2. How Can I Elevate My Higher-Level Questions?

Knowing what high-level questions to ask is also knowing the low-level questions. We need to avoid these. High-level questions are usually personal questions without rebuttal. We need to figure out what we’re going to say in each situation and present solutions too.

3. How to Motivate Yourself to Be Better?

One of the best ways we can motivate ourselves is to set a high standard and commit to achieving it. Also, we shouldn’t lower that standard just because somebody says it’s too high. We need to show them that we can do it.

4 What Would You Say to Your Younger Self?

Make sure to pick the right relationship, because knowing someone through and through is vital, especially if we are to spend the rest of our lives with them. These decisions shouldn’t be taken on a whim.

5. What Questions Would You Ask Before Getting Married?

There are many questions that we could ask and some of them may sound harsh or too personal. We could ask them about their credit, their bank account, what their plans are to reach their goals, how they would get there without any help from our side, how many kids they would want, etc. Basically, we need to lay all our cards on the table.

6. What Do You Think About Multiple Sources of Income?

The first focus should be to be good at one thing and then expand. Multiple streams of income are good only when we have one Mississippi river of income first. Then other streams can be explored for additional income.

7. What Would Your Advice to People Be Who Plan on Investing?

The best investments are the ones that are done with a purpose. The value in touching lives and making a difference in the world, cannot be put into words and if we can find investments that let us do that, we should grab at the opportunity.

8. How Do You Feel About Your Previous Accomplishments?

It’s freeing to be able to walk around knowing that I don’t owe anybody anything. Apart from that, we are still quite stingy with money. It sure feels cool to have a $200,000 credit limit on my credit card.

9. How Do You Remove The Temptation to Spend Money on Something?

Money and things don’t define me. As simple as that! I don’t need a car to show my status. I want to put my money into things that grow in value not depreciate over time.

10. How Do You Build a Business?

We should build businesses based on principles and values because these are evergreen. As entrepreneurs, we have a responsibility to not only help people in our circle from a financial standpoint but also to help elevate their lives through our interaction with them.