12 Military Mottos for Entrepreneurs by Valuetainment’s Patrick Bet-David

It’s more than just a Marine Corps “OOOORAAAAAH!” but military mottos that have a meaning for today’s entrepreneurs has well. What an amazing episode of Valuetainment here by host, Patrick Bet-David.

I’ve posted the 12 military mottos here, such significant meaning for today’s entrepreneur, from Patrick’s blog. For the full detail and how Patrick articulates them, click here.

#1: Stay Alert, Stay Alive

#2: Whatever it Takes

#3: The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

#4: Peace through Strength

#5: Molon Labe (Come and Take Them)

#6: Better to Die, Than to Be a Coward

#7: Facta non Verba (Deeds, Not Words)

#8: Si vis pacem, para bellum (If You Wish for Peace, Prepare for War)

#9: Lerne leiden ohne zu klagen (Learn to Suffer without Complaining)

#10: No Mission too Difficult, No Sacrifice Too Great, Duty First

#11: The Hard We Shall Do Today, the Impossible We Shall Do Tomorrow

#12: Never Above You, Never Below You, Always Beside you, Oorah

Patrick recalled a moment when my wife and I were in a mentoring session with our office in Oakbrook, when I stood up for a toast. I used a military motto from my time on active duty with the United States Marine Corps, that I still use to this day.

Here’s what Patrick shared:
Listen in here for a story about my buddy, Matt Sapaula who gave this toast, and the impact it had on me.”

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