Watch Me Close a Deal Over The Phone


Matt: Ron! How are you doing? Good afternoon over there on the east coast. I am Matt Sapaula here.

Ron: Matt! How’re you doing? Man! I am talking to the jacked-up man himself.

Matt: Haha! You got the drop me on me. Cool!

Ron: I have been following you for the past six and a half months. I have been wanting to learn this business and to expand my portfolio so to speak.

Matt: So, what type of work do you do now in Georgia?

Ron: I do marketing and sales. I have a small marketing company. I do real estate too.

Matt: That’s the reason I’m calling you. I got a message on social media that you wanted more info, so I just wanted to talk. Have you interviewed with other insurance firms to install this into your practice?

Ron: No, I haven’t.

Matt: Ok. So, are you in a position right now where you are open?

Ron: Oh, I am! As I said, I came across you, the “7 figure squad” and I was like, this dude has gone through ups and downs and you still came up on top. So, that is what I related to.

Matt: Well, I tell you, we are experiencing massive growth in the midst of a pandemic, believe it or not.

Ron: Oh, I do! This pandemic is teaching me valuable lessons every single day. And I tell myself to come out victorious on the other side due to guys like you. I saw your videos and it just clicked.

Matt: I am just glad to introduce people to opportunities. Once upon a time, someone did the same for me. So, I have this pay-it-forward type of attitude.

Ron: So, I just wanted to ask what I need to do. Whatever it is, I will do it.

Matt: I am glad you asked that question. To answer it specifically, we need to enroll you as an associate. It’s a whopping $199 one-time fee.

Ron: Haha! It’s a “whopping” fee? Come on, you gotta do better than that.

Matt: Yeah! I tell this to Patric Bet David that probably the worst thing about our whole opportunity is that we’re charging just $199 for the value that we generate. I mean, I was looking at the commission statements for my guys in the first two days of this week. So, I have ten of my guys, who made over ten thousand dollars in the first two days of the week. So, if you’re considering this, I gotta know what you want to accomplish here.

Ron: Well, I saw a seven-figure earner’s ring once on a lady and it was absolutely mesmerizing to me. I am being really honest. I want to achieve it.

Matt: I appreciate that. So, with all the things you got going on, can you dedicate 15-20 hours a week to learning this craft, getting on our zooms, and learning it?

Ron: Yeah! I can do it. I probably would need to move stuff around but I can do it.

Matt: So, listen brother, I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t be in business together. You sound like a rockstar. You’re a man who is willing to put his actions behind his words.