2x Super Bowl Champion Beats COVID-19, Life In The NFL, How to Succeed in Business

Matt: Today, I have today Ray Crockett with me who is a two-time (not one-time) Superbowl champion, straight from Dallas. And he is recovering from Covid-19 right now. Ray, great to have you here man.

Ray: It’s good to be here, my brother! Like I said before we went live, I’ve been following your footsteps since we met and trying to learn how to be an entrepathlete.

Matt: So, right now, the coronavirus cases are spiking and states are going back to shutting down again. You too got infected. So, this must be really relatable to you.

Ray: I just got my negative today. I am finally released. I want to tell the world, whoever is listening, it’s no joke. It felt like death, the first couple of days. That is why I work out and keep my body fit. That way there is a better chance of beating this virus. I was really nervous when I got it but thankfully I managed to get well.

Matt: So, we have been talking a lot about sports, business, money and I’m always applying lessons from sports to business. So, anything insightful you have been saying, I have been writing it down.

Ray: Well, just as you’re an entrepathlete, most athletes eventually need to do business. So, we need those nuggets as well. How do you put those things into business? How do you shift the table from being in an athlete’s mindset to being in an entrepreneur’s mindset?

Matt: Well, when it comes to athletes, whether it is life after sports or even when they are actively playing, they can do certain things. One important strategy is to use social media. It’s the bread and butter for so many businesses and individuals these days.

We live in a world ruled by social media and that’s how people come to know about you these days. So, when you’re done playing, you can continue that momentum. Marketing is just the lifeblood of any business and in the digital world that we live in, social media is one of the most critical parts of marketing.

By the way, I wanted to ask, what do you see in the world of insurance that opened your eyes and wanted to get involved?

Ray: I as a person have spirituality in my foundation. So, when I saw the name of the agency People Helping People (PHP), the first thing I thought was “How can I serve”? And that truly got me motivated. And for me, I need to be interested and motivated to get involved in something, no matter how much money it can make.

Matt: Well, I hope to meet you soon and smoke some cigars with you. I love hearing your stories and I’m excited to get you onboard the agency.

Ray: I am looking to be a part of the team. I’m excited! Take care.