5 Conclusions Why You Should Never Settle for Good Enough

In this episode of the “Money Smart Movement” Podcast, the Money Smart Guy, Matthew Sapaula poses a question aimed to cause one to stop and think.  Think about where you are; right now, at this moment, how do you feel about life?  Do you feel that where you are is “Good Enough?”  If you do, this podcast will challenge you.  Do you feel like you’re ready for a change?  If so, this podcast will speak to you as well.

Matt talks about five key points to help jump-start your personal process towards success:

  • PROCRASTINATION – You have to stop, before you start
  • CREATE A LIST – You must know what you want before you can pursue it
  • TAKE RESPONSIBILITY – You must facilitate your own rescue
  • The ZEIGARNIK EFFECT – The Cognitive side of Procrastination
  • The Rise of the Kiosk – Machines are replacing workers
  • The Ruddy Ortiz Story – Success leaves clues

Stop settling for “good enough”, you and your family deserves better!!!

So grab a pen and note pad, jot some notes, share this podcast with someone else, and make a pact to start your journey together to being Money Smart TODAY!

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