5 End of the Year Questions to Ask Yourself


As the year comes to an end I tend to hit the replay button on what went well and what didn’t. In my personal pursuit of happiness as a father, husband and veteran entrepreneur I am constantly seeking the best version of me.

By now, I’m presuming that you’ve gotten to this point in reading this blog you are wired the same way too. As we begin to enter 2017, this will be the 19th year as an entrepreneur and time never has flown by so fast, so soon.

Do you want big results, a 10X type of year AHEAD?

My wife and I just returned from the Million Dollar Roundtable Clinic at Oheka Castle, sponsored by PHP Agency, Inc and Valuetainment’s Patrick Bet-David. Over 30 qualifying entrepreneurs flew into Long Island, New York for this Clinic on how to run a million dollar business.

As instructors this year, not participants, we still got to learn a lot from our peers as well. They all had the same general questions, goals and adjustments to make.

However, when you get SPECIFIC it gets to be more fun and engaging. I’ve taken these questions over the years in a personal self-examination to launch the next best version of myself to attack the new year ahead.

Here are 5 Things I Ask Myself At the End of the Year

1. What Went Right This Year? What Didn’t?

-List down the things you learned, things that you said were “amazing” or “awesome”

-List down the things you learned, things that you wished you did better or had someone that could help you in this area?

-What are the things you are most grateful for? At times I’ve found myself grateful when I lost or fell short, don’t know why. When I do something I know I was capable of doing, I brush it off and say, “I know”.

2. What Was My Big A-HA Moment of My Capabilities?

-What area did you grow in the most?

-What didn’t you know beforehand that you are doing now?

-If you were to go back in time, what would you tell yourself on Jan 1?

3. What Did I Say At the Beginning Needs to Change, But Didn’t?

I’ve always had this when I started by entrepreneurial life…what did I say needs to REALLY get done? But because I lacked the skills, network of people or know-how I never got around to doing it. Then it subconsciously got brushed off and then I look at what I could have done better and THIS area (whatever it is) comes back.

4. Why Systems or Process Do I Need to Incorporate to Keep Me on My A-Game?

One of my first coaches, Douglas Andrew, would coach me on finding my unique ability. How do I find the “what makes me jump out of bed every morning”? And once I found that, I realize that it was my PURPOSE, that it would make me step up to the plate everyday wanting to swing for the fences…

How do I continue to REMOVE things that don’t give me this energy and continue to attract the things or PEOPLE that do?

5. Do I See Myself Doing This for Another 10+ Years? And Why?

One thing I know about happy, fulfilled people…is that they find their unique abilities and talents. And once they do, they place that in FRONT of them through their chosen career or business endeavor and RUN AFTER it their entire life. It’s like a kid playing tag with their friends growing up…or like someone falling in love for the first time and feeling that WOW factor when the pretty girl gave them a kiss on the cheek.