5 Reasons They Sold Their EIGHT Property and Casualty Agencies Before the Lockdown

Matt: Christian Orellana is with us from Orange County, California. Tell everyone a little bit about your background.

Christian: Thank you for having me here today. I was in the auto industry business for 11 years. We started with 2 offices and grew the business to 8 locations. The business was doing great. But in October, I sold my business as I saw a change. I did my homework and pivoted.

Matt: What would you tell all the men out there why they should consider the insurance industry?

Christian: Because it is a recession-proof industry. Everybody needs life insurance. Every human being out there needs life insurance. I started in this business because I lost my mom when I was fifteen years old. You are never prepared. One thing for certain in this life is that we are all gonna die. So, it’s up to us as men, and as a family guy, to make sure our family is secured if you’re gone the next day. In this industry, you can provide for a good life for your family.

Matt: God bless your family man. I know the strength you guys share and that’s how I know you guys are bound to do something big. It seems like life insurance to you guys is more than just selling life insurance. It’s a purpose. Are you finding a new desire or purpose to help people on a deeper level?

Christian: When I started this business, it took me back to the days when I lost my mom. In my head, I wanted to make sure that I give other kids the opportunity that I didn’t have. To make sure that their families are protected. So, we have something that is mission over the commission. I leave their house but I leave happy because I know they are gonna be secure.

Also, I was able to retire my dad two years ago. I am 34 and I was able to do that. I help him here and there but he doesn’t need to worry about anything.

Matt: Ok, this is going to be a very shameless plug, but can you tell me why should somebody partner with PHP in contrast to other platforms?

Christian: One is PHP already has a huge platform for itself. It already has a name for itself. And the CEO is already interviewing presidents, interviewing celebrities, and other huge personalities out there. There is also huge support within the agency. The application is almost free because the money you invest to become a PHP member is nothing compared to other companies.

Matt: As we wrap up, what are your thoughts? Why should people work for themselves?

Christian: My thought on that is that you have freedom. You can’t buy that anywhere. I made a decision at a very young age that I wanted to be a business owner. Once you make that decision, it’s very easy.