5 Reasons Why I’m Thankful for Being Broke

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I had a chance to reflect on where I have been in relation to how far I have come along. Being in the worst financial position has placed me in a sincere attitude of gratitude that during a season of my life, I had to deal with being flat-out broke.

Here are 5 Reasons I’m Thankful for Being Broke

1. Creation-Mode – “Necessity is the mother of invention”

I was forced to innovate. It forced me to take a hard look in the mirror to figure what I wanted to look like and create a reflection that I was proud to look at. It made me take an inventory of my skills. What did I have? What did I not have? What did I need to acquire? What was the life I wanted?

Now I knew what to go out and look for, what to pay attention to and who to surround myself with.

2. Change – “The only thing constant is change”. I could apply my Marine Corps honed skills of being able to improvise, adapt and overcome. I could look at my current scenario and reality, obviously not happy about being flat-out broke. I also had the capacity to acquire new skills and look at things from a different perspective. Moreso, change keeps me young and relevant. My twins laugh at me when I do the DAB move, hit the Mannequin ChallengeHarlem Shake before they do.

3. Contrast – I can develop a personal baseline or starting point of which to compare things to. Being broke and growing from that moment helped me to ask along the way 1) what else would I be doing 2) who else would I be working for 3) what impact and difference am I making, versus what I used to be doing.

4. Challenge – I may not like where I’m at so I have two choices. Either complain, which is a defensive-reactive mindset. Or I can choose to grow, which is my opinion, is playing offense and a mindset that allows me to grow proactively. Best part of being in a challenge is that it places me in a position to discover a new me. Along the way, my friends or rather choice of friends, will not and cannot be the same. That I am out to prove others wrong and prove to myself that I can rise above my situation. This will cause the best parts of my faith, not fears, will pay off!

5. Cash Flow – the only way I can rise above practically, is to make more money so I can lift myself up over my current problem. As much as I think that no one else is watching, they are. My actions can and will inspire others to do great things themselves. We have to capacity to do great things and I will prove that fact, starting with me. Plus, with the new lessons learned by being in the worst position I essentially find myself in the best position. Generating more cash flow and being smarter with my money will then allow me to invest in the next big thing. I gain financial confidence knowing that the next opportunity as it presents itself will be through a newfound lens of wisdom and personal understanding.

Lastly, being broke is a temporary situation. Again, TEMPORARY! However remaining broke for an extended period of time waiting for someone else to bail me out, which no one ever did, quickly eroded my personal confidence. Instead of doubling-down into positive personal action, I found myself flirting with the introduction to a poor mental condition that would financially paralyze me. Being broke for too long and not fighting to change my circumstances would develop into a permanent condition of cynicism, lack of belief and missing out on opportunities.