How I Declared My Financial Freedom

Here’s how I have declared my financial freedom. Perhaps you’re in the same financial bind I was. If you want to find a story and strategy you can relate to with an outcome you would want. Read and WATCH!

How does this sound?

Fight for Your Financial Independence, Now! Let’s freeeeedom RING!

Financial Freedom is a wonderful thing

Financial Freedom as a country.

Financial Freedom as a person.

And…on this 4th of July holiday, it’s time to take a stand. Take control of the freedom of your time and money!

the most critical is time. Time is the one thing you & I both DO NOT have an infinite amount of…

Speaking of TIME – special thanks to Patrick Bet-David & Antoine Walker <—- WATCH FB LIVE INTERVIEW –  who spent some time with me over the holiday. He was willing to share his mistakes of earning $108M in his NBA professional basketball career and later filed bankruptcy. His transparency was liberating!

Matt Sapaula sits down with Antoine Walker for an interview on how he lost $108M of his NBA salary.

Because time is such in short supply it’s monumentally important to do everything in your power to gain back control over your time…and your life!

This is why it’s probably one of the biggest reasons to start your own business and keep growing your business if you’ve already started. You can make the money you need to be financial free…and get your life back!

Have you had enough of saying this to yourself:
-I’m living the “same ol, same ol”
-I’m sick & tired of living paycheck to paycheck
-I hate always being told what to do and when to do it
-I feel now that I DESERVE to be overly compensated for the TIME I’ve put into something

So, inspired by 4th of July holiday…will you make your own DECLARATION of Financial Independence?

Matt Sapaula shares his thought on the premise of 4th of July and financial freedom.

Financial Independence from :

Waiting on pins and needles for your next paycheck, client or commission

Spinning your wheels at your job that you know, financially, is not getting you anywhere

Being stuck in multiple attempts in several different business ventures hoping to find “the one”

You say, “Matt, MoneySmartGuy, I am grinding and hustling…and I STILL don’t have control of my time. How do I do that?


4 Things a CEO Needs to Do Everyday

-Working on your next innovative campaign (exponential)
-Developing leaders (exponential)
-Making your operating system better (linear)
-Doing biz dev and sales (linear)

Well, if you want to do it the fastest way…you’ve got to make a decision to take the RIGHT ACTION, surround yourself with the right people and immerse yourself in a business that allows you to make a LOT of money, in a short period of time. Then…RINSE, REPEAT!