7 Lies Employers Use to Get You to Work for Them

Is it possible that your employer, through their hiring process, actually LIE to you about their job opportunity?  Is it possible that one’s judgement, when they are interviewing for the job, may be clouded simply because they need income right away and willing to look over the details in order to be gainfully employed?

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One major reason an education on personal finances and establishing an emergency fund is to help establish one thing – financial clarity. When one is behind on their financial picture, living paycheck to paycheck and living a lifestyle beyond their means guides them towards a journey of such a negative financial spiral that they actually allow themselves to be lied to.

What space in your life would you actually tolerate a lack of trust?  Does one really want in their lives someone or something that lies to them and keeps them from the truth?

Don’t get caught up in a temporary situation when you are really in need of a permanent solution

Heighten your attention when these following “promises” are being sent your way:

  1. “There’s a lot of opportunity for advancement” – who says? who REALLY controls this?
  2. “The bonus structure will double your income” – sounds great. Is that BEFORE or AFTER taxes? As an employee, the FIRST thing that gets taken out of your paycheck is taxes.  As an entrepreneur…it’s the LAST.
  3. “Your territory is protected and we won’t change it” – oh really? So who built the territory I’m taking over right now? Personal experience here to share.  My wife Sheena built a territory for her Fortune 500 medical company and she SMASHED her quota year one. The next year, they raised her quota to what she produced in her record-setting year and cut her territory in half to someone else. Sheena has a degree in finance and marketing, a full-ride scholarship student athlete playing softball. She dedicated herself to corporate America and yet this is how she was treated.
  4. “You’ll get extensive training” – most are finding out they have to do this on their own JUST to make sure they don’t find another candidate more qualified, to keep their job.
  5. “You’ll have scheduling flexibility and can work from home on occasion” – at the end of the day, the one who cuts your checks has your life in their hands
  6. “We’ll hire you some help when it gets busy” – if they could, employers wouldn’t pay you.  Their job is profitability and maximizing earnings. Their default setting is to ultimately pay you the least and work you the most…or they will.  Someone is paying the price…you first!
  7. “Once you fix this problem/department/project, etc., you’ll get to work on something new and exciting” – you have to ask why it became a problem to begin with! Who allowed it to become a mess before you got there?

Once I realized my self-worth and broke lose from how I was raised or what people would think of me, I could NEVER take a paycheck from an employer ever again.  Not only did I realize I was much more than just 40 hours a week and a salary, I wanted the freedom of actually owning my life!

Consider this, you are selling yourself to an employer, a boss, so they eventually will control the amount of money you make per year, the hours you have to surrender to their company per week, to settle for living in a less than desirable neighborhood and provide less opportunity for your children in what great things the world has to offer.

Once I personally realized this epiphany while serving on active duty in the United States Marine Corps, I said to myself, “If I’m willing to bust my ass for the government, why not for me and my REAL family?”

As an aspiring entrepreneur, things won’t happen overnight.  But at least you will not settle for an employer potentially lying to you to fill their corporate positions at the expense of you surrendering the full-on pursuit of YOU living YOUR dream life…on purpose!


PS – Why do I do what I do? I got tired of people coming to me after they lost half their retirement savings, paying a mortgage to a bank for an underwater home and drowning in credit card, student loan debt….while simultaneously going from dead-end-job to dead-end-job.

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