A Millionaire’s Perspective on Fatherhood and Leadership | Interview With Jose Gaytan

Today we have cash flow millionaire and my business partner Jose Gaytan, who is married to Marlene Gaytan.

Matt: You know, we were talking about this and we are in times where most companies are laying off people due to the pandemic. I think, right now 40 million people are unemployed right now. The government is actually thinking about sending a second stimulus check – a trillion-dollar stimulus package. And when you talk to these private equity guys, who are used to managing billions and billions of dollars, you find out that they expect us to drop by 20-40%. And yet, we grew instead! As an entrepreneur, how have you adjusted to this situation?

Jose: I love what you said. To get validation from investors like that, amen! I mean, I’m diversified but if there is one company to pick, I’d be with PHP. As far as adjustments are concerned, when you’re a part of a huge company, it’s like Titanic. Any new changes take a lot of time and everything moves so slow. There is just so much bureaucracy. But when you have the leadership, innovation, and vision that our company has, we’re just leading the pace. And it is so exciting to be part of this wave.

Matt: So, when you see people in your business that you’re mentoring, are there any tips, suggestions, or mindset shifts that you have to teach to get them to start evolving as entrepreneurs?

Jose: I think it’s crucial that they value being around an environment that values ethics, principles, and examples. I think it is absolutely crucial. When people come through our doors and they get that experience, they realize that they are not just here to make money but to become better versions of themselves. It’s all about showing up, improving, and so on. I make sure that I tell them that what they see is real, that it is possible to succeed. And we both have seen transformations of people.

Matt: So, what do you think about earning and keeping the mentorship of a mentor? You had the chance of having Patrick Bet David as a mentor since the beginning.

Jose: It was a little different for me back in 2009 when I had Patrick as a mentor. He didn’t want me to quit and I didn’t have anywhere else to go. But yeah, I mimicked him in everything. If he came on Saturdays, I came on Saturdays too. If he started reading, I started reading. If he refused to quit, I too refused to quit. If he started speaking, I also started to learn how to speak. I was trying to mirror him. I knew how to follow a good example and I did exactly that. And it all worked out in the end.