Are You MexiCAN or MexiCANT | Travel with PHP Agency

Either you do or you don’t. Or in the case while traveling with PHP Agency, Inc south of the border in Cancun, are you a MexiCAN or MexiCANT.

I go FB live with a strong enough wi-fi connection from a PHP Agency all-expenses paid trip to the Grand Moon Palace in Cancun.

Meet veteran entrepreneur, Chris Richardson, who served in the U.S. Navy. His first financial company was with Transamerica/World Financial Group (WFG) for 5 years.  After making the transition over to PHP Agency, for the first time ever, has qualified for an elite trip.

Also, meet Tony Martinez, who formerly was with Northwestern Mutual, then briefly with Transamerica/WFG. Now making vertical moves with PHP Agency, is setting new all-time personal bests in multiple categories of production, cash flow and agency building. His business footprint spans over Miami, Ft. Myers and Tampa Bay, FL.

MexiCAN or MexiCANT – My Analogy

If you hadn’t noticed, neither Chris Richardson or Tony Martinez are Mexican. It was the analogy I was hoping to make, focusing on the operative word – CAN. It’s not about race or ethnicity. Winning in business doesn’t matter what nationality or ethnic background you come from.

Urban Dictionary – A Mexicant is a person of Mexican descent who won’t work hard and is often seen goofing off and being lazy. Combination of Mexican and the contraction can’t.

Obviously, this VLOG isn’t racially based. It has NOTHING to do with the color of your skin or where you came from.

It’s what I LOVE about free enterprise and capitalism. You can become whoever you want to be assuming you’re willing to put in the work for an extended period of time.

In fact in the picture below, these are the people I’ve had the honor of mentoring who also earned an all expenses-paid trip to Cancun. Notice we are a multicultural mix of ethnic backgrounds. We have Black, Latino, White, Asian…even American Indian (my wifey!).

Matt Sapaula challenges us with are you a MexiCAN or MexiCAN't while in Cancun at the Grand Moon Palace

I’ve never set out in business to say, “I’m the top Filipino entrepreneur” or “I’m the best veteran entrepreneur”. Nope. I’ve set out in business to say, “I’m a top entrepreneur…PERIOD”. All because I wanted to simply change my life and take control of my income, my destiny.

Either you do or you don’t. You can make excuses or find reasons. Often times in business I run across people that justify their lack of taking action to change their financial circumstances. It comes with being raised in a household where thinking big and challenging yourself mentally was not the norm.

Matt Sapaula thinks about when excuses changed his life versus finding reasons to do so.

Often times it’s easier to be a laborer, or in my case a U.S. Marine. Just settle for the “paycheck you can count on”, right? How much can you count on a paycheck that is insufficient to begin with AND isn’t something that is guaranteed to be there?

Or is it easier to take orders and follow them versus being in the command post developing strategies to win the money game?

The choice is yours. YOU are the one that has to look in the mirror and answer many questions that your financial life will throw at you.

If you want to make big moves in your life, you’ve got to be willing to pay the price. Or settle. Simple as that.

So…CAN you, or CAN’T you?