Baby Delivery at the Office | Inspired by True Events & Martin Lawrence

Who needs a hospital when you can do it at the office?

Matt: We’ve got some big goals to accomplish in 2019. Would you agree?

Group: Yes!

Sheena: Babe, it’s time!

Matt: Babe, I got you. I was ready for this. Misty, what we got?

Misty: 10 cm. He’s crowning.

Matt: Tori, what’s the blood pressure?

Tori: Systolic, diastolic, normal.

Matt: Where’d you learn that?

Tori: Me and mom were watching Doogie Howser. LOL…

Matt: Swazo, Angel, Moto, how we doing?

Group: Argh!

Sheena: Baby, it’s coming. It’s coming.

Group: Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

Matt: Boom. Go. Go. Hold it. Hold it. (Baby Pops Out).

Sheena: Where’s the umbilical cord?

Matt: Umbilical cord? We don’t need no umbilical cord. This is MoneySmartGuy on YouTube!

Within 5 hours of shooting this video we headed to the hospital for Sheena to give birth to our son!


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