Barry Kaye: Revealing the Most Misunderstood Financial Vehicle that Keeps Middle America Behind

One of my craziest things I’ve ever heard in my life was the concept of life insurance.  My first exposure to this was in the military, having $20/mth taken out for my SGLI (Serviceman’s Group Life Insurance) policy which would pay my beneficiary $200k.  Therefore my context and knowledge of life insurance was not for MY benefit…but for the benefit of the people I leave behind.


What I eventually learned as I started to learn the rules of the money game, is how rich people looked at life insurance.  It wasn’t for DEATH…it was for the LIVING!

How so?

Today’s modern life insurance policies, once you understand how they are put together have more benefits while you are ALIVE, than under the ground.

During this interview, I get a special treat to interview a gentleman I have admired from afar through his books.

Barry Kaye is the author of the two all-time best-selling books on life insurance and estate planning. His first book, How to Save a Fortune on Your Life Insurance, was an immediate bestseller. His next book and videotape, Save a Fortune on Your Estate Taxes, was the all-time best-selling book in America on the subject.

In his latest book, Die Rich 2, Kaye expands upon his concepts, presenting new methods and utilizations to achieve even more impressive results. He also presents a thorough overview of the industry, going beyond theory to the nuts and bolts of making his plans work.

Kaye has also produced easy-to-understand videotapes outlining his dynamic techniques, entitled Barry Kaye’s Six Most Costly Mistakes Made By Those Worth $3 Million to $250 Million, Die Rich and Tax Free!  His original 2 1/2 hour seminar video, Save A Fortune on Your Estate Taxes and the more recent 3 hour seminar video, Make Millions, Save Millions. He is frequently quoted in the national press and has appeared as the guest speaker on numerous radio and TV shows, including two appearances on the Today Show. He also appears at more than 100 seminars a year sharing his visionary ideas on how to create and preserve wealth and has already been booked for over 140 seminar appearances in 2000.

A native New Yorker who began his career as a radio and TV personality, Kaye joined New England Life as an insurance agent in 1962, immediately breaking all life insurance industry sales records for a first year agent. In 1966, he received his C.L.U. degree. Soon after, he was named a lifetime member of the Million Dollar Round Table Club and became one of the founders of the prestigious International Forum. In 1968, he established Barry Kaye Associates. His innovative use of life insurance earned him a reputation for creativity in the insurance field and his outstanding integrity and financial acumen resulted in astonishing success in his field. In 1982 he established Wealth Creation Centers nationwide. His success is legendary and unparalleled. He is probably the only insurance salesperson to ever lead 13 insurance companies during his career.

Kaye, who is listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the West, and Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, has served on the California Senate Advisory Commission on Life Insurance. A philanthropist who is well known for his outstanding contributions to charitable organizations, he is a member of the Board of Ben Gurion University and the City of Hope, one of the founders of La Societe and the Los Angeles Music Center, and former Vice Chairman of the Young Musicians’ Foundation. He is the recipient of the Man of Hope award from the City of Hope for Founders of Diabetic Research (1976), the Menachim Begin Award for Israel Bonds (1977) and the Lifetime Achievement Award from Ben Gurion University of the Negev (1987). Using the techniques he developed and teaches for maximizing charitable contributions, Kaye also gifted the American College of Life Underwriters with the largest endowment in its history of over $1 million.

If you are looking at life insurance as death insurance, think again! What you don’t know just may cost you more than you expect!