Be Brutally Honest with the One Relationship

If there was one thing you needed to be brutally honest with, what would it be? (No we are not talking about your love bird relationships). The right answer should be MONEY!

Ever hear the saying “There’s no romance without Finance”?!?

Raise your hand if you like money… Raise your other hand if you like a lot of money… if you don’t have both hands up right now then you’re probably lying to yourself about something else! Hopefully you’re watching this alone.

Be Brutally Honest – on Facebook LIVE

Lets keep this very black and white and dive right into the only relationship counseling you should ever need!

2:40 Money and Retirement, a topic that comes up a lot

4:45 An honest relationship between you and the MONEY

5:49 Money doesn’t have wings! STOP winging it!

8:18 Are you honest with yourself? Numbers don’t lie!

10:52 The solution for A LOT of things!

11:24 Choose your friends carefully! Are they making you better? or bitter?

15:57 Take control of life, or let life take control of you

16:40 Commit to what you want! and stick with it