Be Like Mike? Michael Jordan Mindset to Aspiring Millionaires & Entrepreneurs

So, like many of you, I have been watching the last dance documentary. It is unbelievable to be able to watch it being a kid who grew up in the 80s and the 90s. I mean I was absolutely blessed as a kid growing up watching sports in Chicago. We had the 85 bears and then obviously we had Michael Jordan being drafted into the NBA, and to see his climb and rise, it was absolutely awesome.

I was listed in the military in the 90s and so, I used to see his championship overseas via VCR tapes (remember those things?). Now, to be able to see that documentary not as a fan growing up but as a grown man, as an adult, as a father, as an entrepreneur, it’s completely different now. It’s a totally different perspective.

I was just sharing this with my cousins. We were just in Bulls Gear on Sunday night just to watch the documentary. Just to kind of go back in that mode when we were kids. But it’s completely different to me now. I was reminded of one of my favorite songs from the Mike era.

Here’s the thing. You like Mike and whatever he has accomplished in his life. But here’s the reality. You don’t wanna be like Mike. You know why? Because being like Mike takes absolute sacrifice. You see it in the documentary. He says, “leadership has sacrifices, winning has sacrifices.” So, I am translating this to business. What can we do to be more like him? What can we do to set those high standards and reach there?

The thing is, it is possible. Anything is possible. But it all starts with the mindset. You have to adopt the same mindset of Mike to be able to do what he did. No matter which field you are in. Are you willing to go the extra mile? Are you willing to push people around you to do better, to be better? Are you willing to make sacrifices? These are just the beginning steps or prerequisites that are required to embark on the journey that will let you be like Michael Jordan.

You can touch so many lives just by being on that path. How many lives can you bless? Mike blessed so many people around him. Others reached great new heights just by being in his presence because he constantly pushed them to do better. That’s how leaders are born. That’s how entrepreneurs are born. That’s how you can command respect from everybody around you.

So, before you start off trying to become like Michael Jordan, you need to ask yourself some pretty hard questions. Only when you have a sense of clarity can you proceed. You should know beforehand that it won’t be an easy road. But will you let that stop you or will you see it as a challenge to overcome? That is what will decide if you’ll be a winner or not.