Biggest Difference In Making Six Figures To Seven Figures

So we’re at the Beach at Cancun and would like to talk a bit about, what actually is the difference between the people making six figures or seven figures?

Well, have you ever wondered what the scariest number to you is? Like what the scariest number to most people? Is it one, two or three? Someone would say a million or two million or maybe five million but the fact of the matter is that – the scariest number is “ZERO”.

What Is This Zero?

Let me explain this zero to you…

Do you realize ever, being a six-figure guy, what is the thing you’re missing? It’s only that one additional zero. Believe me or not but the fact is that you’re always scared of this one additional zero.  To be able to reach eight figures you need two zeros; so three zeros would take you to nine figures and so on. So everybody is just scared of a zero.

When you and I were a kid, have we ever wondered if that $100 is a lot of money? I’m sure during your birthday someone gave you a gift worth $100 – you were like “damn! That’s too many” and now with just those additional zeros $10,000 a month. So you see it’s just “One additional zero” that makes the difference.

But now if you look at me and us – we’re a 100 odd people here and if we look at the building right in front of us we’ve rented out this property and we’re staying at the entire penthouse floor at the top. So I was the guy who was always frightened of zeros. It’s just because no one from my family has ever made $10,000 a month before. I never lived in a house before; there was always an apartment with a maximum of two bedrooms. The first time I lived in a house was in my late twenties.

I was constantly afraid of these zeros because of my surroundings but one day I realized that it’s just that one zero that I need to go from the second figure all the way to the ninth figures. So the more and more you’d realize – it’s just that one more zero.

Now you’ve got the things that need to be done so figure out yourself the strategies and ways to get them based on your business and profession.

Two Things That Can’t Be Measured:

Now we can measure easily the height of multistory buildings, we can measure your height or weight and we can measure the GDP of Mexico and break it down to Cancun or we can measure the pressure of the water hitting the sides of the seashore; so we can measure a lot of things. 

But what we can’t measure is how big anybody thinks at this moment, we can have people here everyone saying one day I’m going to do this and no one knows for sure, right? No one knows who thinks the biggest.

The Second Thing You Can’t Measure Is How Long Somebody Will Last For:

Did you know why the President of the United States – is the most hated person in America? Why is it like this? Why is he the most hated person in America?

It’s very simple because this guy is 70 years old out but he is outworking his peers and he is always in a suit, always prepared, always ready.

You may like him or disagree with him but it doesn’t matter. He is non-stop so the question comes back to you, how long can you last?

If you can answer those two questions to yourself and its very crystal clear eventually something like this is going to be very normal for you and that additional zero will never be a big deal.

So never stop thinking BIG and join the seven-figure squad – TODAY.