Black Friday Violence? Just One Day After Thanksgiving

Black Friday, a term originally used in Philadelphia, was used to describe the heavy, disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic that would occur on the day after Thanksgiving. However these days, it is about the shopping and now, the violence that occurs during the first day of the Holidays.

Oh jeez.

Check out this video from CNN Money. Is THIS what Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping means to you? Is that many people have digressed into, the THRILL of getting the deal?

Black Friday shopping, in my belief, and the craze that surrounds it comes from the typical “scarcity mentality”. Here we are in the richest country in the world and the media promotes and reports the buzz that goes around with the opportunity of getting the best deal or sales on this particular day.

Scarcity, eh? Yep, scarcity. Retailers make it seem that supply is LOW which in turn creates the attention or craze to make sure you “get in line”. You don’t want to “lose out!”

But lose out on what? Grant Cardone call this a “middle-class mentality” which actually HURTS a lot of people in this group by their thinking and their actions. Therefore they leave themselves to be the most susceptible to insecurity and pain.

Again, America is the richest country in the world and yet many of the people that live in it think scarcity, not ABUNDANCE. It’s not about getting the best deal on a purchase, it’s about how to not worry about the price-tag again.

If you have an income goal or lifestyle that you’d really like to live, it would be wise to inspect the behavior and statistics of this group. According to this video reported by CNN Money, the average Black Friday shopper will spend about $369 while trampling over one another.

All this drama to SPEND $369?

When I refer to the middle-class it is more than a MINDSET and income level, rather than pointing a finger at a group of people. Why? I’ve seen people who make $25,000 per year make wiser financial and business moves than people who make $250,000 per year, or $2M per year.

While jobs are decreasing (or being relocated), savings and investments are put at risk daily, I hope that there are some people in this Black Friday line that make the necessary steps to advance themselves in their mindset to double or even triple their income next year.

Once that happens, every day will seem like a Black Friday but the big difference is, no one is in line…or getting violent.