Busy Vs Productive People – 3 Differences That Is Costing You Money

With the onset of this current pandemic and another month of crisis, I hope a lot of people are learning a lot about themselves as they take their time in quarantine and mandated work from home. Well, it’s not just time to dive into Netflix and watch seasons, and episodes of your favorite movies, but it’s also the time to learn new things “that matters”.

And while you’re learning new things you have to ask yourself three questions to make sure you get most out of it. Are you learning new skills; new crafts and are you getting some wisdom and knowledge you should also learn how to process information faster to create data/wisdom and to see the world a much of different place.

But besides this, it is also crucial that you do all these things while considering its impact on your economic and financial standpoint. Yes, it’s important that you started thinking about a side hustle or a side business because right now a lot of people are filing for unemployment, about 10 million people.

So, while you’re looking at your life now and in this current scenario we’re in right now, I hope you’re asking yourself about your life – that whether you’re just busy in your life or are you being productive.

For me, when I came out of the Marine Corps, I came out with experiences of having nothing, broke, busted, and disgusted. I had realized very quickly in my life that I was only busy working for somebody else, I had nothing to show.

This is also important to realize at this stage because time flies too quickly. If you’re actually in your 20s right now, do you remember your time when you were 15, 16, or 17 years old? So, here’s a three-step trick on how to be productive at this time.  If you don’t make productive use of your time in your life, the time will go pass by like a blink of an eye.

Am I In My A-Game?

The first important thing is to make sure is you if are in your A-Game. So, that’s the only way of utilizing your best talent, skills, and abilities. Because why waste more time of your life being busy when your natural skills and abilities don’t get to be expressed in your life.

Is It Making Me Money?

The next one is to keep in mind the monetary side of these skill sets. Because you could be in a passion and you can be in interest but if you’re not making money doing it you’ve got to find ways to monetize your passion in some other way around. Otherwise, you’ll just remain busy with nothing at hand.

So you have to make sure you’re in your A-Game and it’s actually paying you off. Because without that, even if you’re more experienced and you’re more talented; from a financial standpoint, you’d still be wondering where your life will be going. 

Is It exponential?

The last one is to make sure it is exponential. Meaning does it allow you to open up more doors. So ask yourself, whether your thoughts, views, perception, business is opening up more doors and creating more opportunities for you.

This is all-important because life will pass-by and when it does, you would ask yourself “man did I accomplish something? Or do I have something to show for?”