Call Reluctance: 3 Ways to Overcoming Fear of the Phone and Gain Confidence

Ok, you’ve decided to begin your journey as an entrepreneur. You know you need to get your message out there and you need to connect with people that have a problem that your business solves. And don’t forget…you need to MAKE MONEY.

However, you are feeling a large amount of call reluctance and fear picking up that phone.

Crazy thoughts go through your mind. You internally say to yourself, “What will they say, what if they ask a question I don’t know how to answer, what if they hang up on me?“. Yep, all these non-productive, negative feelings start to overwhelm you and you get nothing done.

What’s funny is that most everyone I know has at least one phone, some have two or three when you include landlines and employer-provided smartphones. Plus, you can download a ton of apps on smartphones where you can stay connected to your social media profiles, Facebook timelines, GPS navigation, text messages, emails, etc.

So many distractions on a phone these days…but again, the primary function of a phone is to TALK TO PEOPLE! No, it’s not me being old school. It’s about getting down to the basic understanding of how human beings are emotional creatures. Most (if not everyone) makes their decisions emotionally and justify logically.

Everyone does so many things on their phones these days…except…TALK!

If you are an entrepreneur the primary function of your phone is staying connected to people and TO HAVE CONVERSATIONS! And I mean VERBAL conversations!

Do you REALLY want a critical conversation with someone, a conversation that hinges on the absolute growth, cash flow and success of your business…and that someone misunderstands you? And to add, do you want them to possibly misinterpret you or assume something wrong? If so, then send them a text message, email or emoticon!

If not, gain the skills to increase your confidence on the phone. Check out my tips below on how I overcame my own call reluctance and now train other entrepreneurs or sales professionals to do the same.

The success and growth of your business…or not, is getting good on the phone.

Overcoming Call Reluctance

1. Get Scripted – if actors and tv anchors get paid to memorize lines, do you think they would get away with “winging it”? Well, neither can you! Write down what you want to say to get the attention of the person you are calling, get to the point of your call and not waste time with people who are not decision-makers.

2. Role Play – back to the actor, tv anchor example…I see them prepare for weeks, month and invest in themselves in coaches or classes to make sure they deliver when the cameras are on. You should be doing the same. When you are in front of a client, prospective investor in your company or center of influence that can lead to massive referrals, your message should naturally flow to you and through you.

3. Environment – why do you think big businesses have call centers? Why do you think Wall Street firms have a “bullpen”, “boiler room” or “trading floor”? It is so that everyone can listen to each other, feel one another’s energy and hear everyone’s success or failures. It is a dynamic environment in which people can learn and synergize.

In today’s day and age, focusing on productive conversations on the phone, developing your phone skills and overcoming call reluctance will have you speed by your competition who remains shivering in the corner hidden behind a computer screen. Now get after it and pick up that phone!