Cancun Trip? Grand Moon Palace Baby! | Living Money Smart, a Vetrepreneur VLOG EP14

Cancun trip, eh? Staying at the Grand at Moon Palace, too? Perfect spot and journey for a VLOG! PHP Agency takes us to an all expenses paid trip to Mexico! Here’s episode 14 of Living Money Smart, a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG. #Vetrepreneur

Journey with us as we descend upon paradise on a tax-deductible business trip!

Traveling with our family and best friends w/PHP Agency makes the grind as an entrepreneur sooooooo worth it!

Cancun Trip – All Expenses Paid by PHP Agency, Inc

Some of the exciting things we experienced:

  • The Grand at Moon Palace, the #1 all-inclusive resort in Cancun
  • Swimming with the Whale Sharks
  • History lesson at the Ruins of Tulum, a Mayan city
  • Ziplines and the Rappel Tower
  • Cave Diving …and did I mention the FOOD?

Our Cancun trip, staying at “The Grand at Moon Palace” with SO many restaurants…unbelievable! Best part was all you can eat and drink…with no bill at the end of your meal. Whew! Tastes even better!! Plus, Mexican food in Chicago is NOT the same flavor as Mexican food in Cancun!

Matt Sapaula stays at the Grand at Moon Palace in Cancun

Cmon son!

Again, another dream board destination off the bucket list. Going on this Cancun trip was our very first time and it sure didn’t disappoint. Best part about HOW we travel is that we seem to be bringing an entourage with us that keeps getting bigger and bigger.

I not just talking about family. That in itself is a dream to do – creating lifetime experiences. Great to travel the world with those you love and fight for everyday. You want them seeing first hand what it’s like to grind hard…then have the grind payoff in a major way.

Going on this Cancun trip to the Grand Moon Palace with those you mentor and work with, well, that’s next level. Many people come to our workshop wanting to change their financial lives. Is that an easy thing to do?

Of course not and I don’t believe in getting rich quick.

So when people come to our workshops wanting to take their financial lives to the next level…and they do. It sure is great to see the looks on their faces when they’re experiencing a new level of freedom.

I don’t promise anyone that free enterprise, entrepreneurship or being your own boss is a walk in the park. Especially with me as a mentor, I’m always willing to challenge someone to raise their standards. It is imperative in order to find the next best version of you.

You may not like what I ask you to do in pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. I’ll have you increase your work ethic, personal identity and expectations in reaching your goals.

And when you start putting together small victories, over and over again, you just may like the results. And when you qualify for an all-expenses paid trip through PHP Agency, you have to remind me one thing.

Matt Sapaula with those he mentors with their toes in the sand. Grand Moon Palace in Cancun, baby!

And that is, telling me face to face how much you don’t like me…while on the beach with a drink in your hand.  This was probably the hardest thing to do on this Cancun trip. #ToesInTheSand

Think you can do that?