Chicago Rush Hour and Missed Opportunities – FB Live w/Matt Sapaula

@MoneySmartGuy Matt Sapaula goes Facebook LIVE as they drive through downtown Chicago. Matt Sapaula along with Nabeel Khan draws an analogy between what they’re experiencing in rush hour traffic, avoiding potholes and how aspiring entrepreneurs miss opportunities.

Some of the questions we posed during this Facebook LIVE on our page:

  • Why are opportunities important to identify?
  • How do you avoid missing opportunities?
  • Does it cost you THAT much time and money if you miss them?
  • Why do people consciously or unconsciously miss out on opportunities? Is it that big of a deal?
  • Does upbringing, even religious beliefs, have anything to do with taking advantage of or passing up an opportunity?
  • Are you serious about winning the money game and conquering your financial battles?