Choosing a Mentor | Living Money Smart a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG EP13

Choosing a mentor is one of THE most critical factors for your success. It’s one relationship you have to proactively seek, cultivate and never want to lose.

Choosing the right mentor will causes you to stretch, never get comfortable and constantly IMPROVE your standards.

Here’s episode 13 of Living Money Smart, a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG.

Where my Vetrepreneurs at?? Here’s an episode you don’t want to miss.

Choosing a Mentor

There are peace time CEOs…then there are WAR TIME CEOs disrupting, reshaping or building an industry! In this episode we get a surprise visit from Dallas, TX to Oakbrook, IL by Patrick Bet-David. He is the host of the #1 YT channel for entrepreneurs and CEO/Founder of PHP Agency, Inc.

Mind you, this is 4th of July weekend and my mentor is out on the prowl, in the grind and working to get PHP Agency to the next level.

There are plenty of questions I’ve asked myself when choosing a mentor.

How are you going about choosing a mentor? Who is in your corner? Who is your sounding board? Are they still talking about what they did back-in-the-day? Or are they also talking about what they are doing now? Are they story tellers or story makers?


Matt Sapaula shares his thoughts on how to thank a mentor


And once who have found this mentor, it is up to YOU to implement what you’ve learned. Therefore there is enjoyment for a mentor to keep mentoring you. It’s a two way street. This is a relationship that you never want to lose.