Competition Helps You|Living Money Smart a Vetrepreneur VLOG EP23

Competition helps me win in so many ways. Especially when competitors finally ask, “Are you taking applications?”

In the meantime, competition helps me win because they help me understand my flaws, my weaknesses. Even if competition is not completely true they tell me what they’re thinking and what they’re strength is.

Competition Helps – Outwork Me!

In this episode of the Living Money Smart I travel across the country to recruit, coach, mentor and expanding into new territories!

While in Atlanta, we officially expand PHP Agency with Richard and Monique Welch. They were previously at a competing company. They’ve had the chance to see things from both sides of the fence and now, they’re officially on board!

Also, Richard Welch takes me on a quick field trip. We drop by two of the biggest players within the insurance industry that also run an agency-building system. Oddly enough they are both based in the suburbs of Atlanta. (World Financial Group (WFG) as well as Primerica).

We also welcome Pastor Mario to the Money Smart Movement team after a compelling conversation about money and finances. No he has a platform to put his previous mentorship from Dave Ramsey and John Maxwell into action!

Then I head back to Chicago to run our local Fast Start School at Hamburger University in Oakbrook.

Right after that, I’m OscarMike (On the Move) to Pasadena California invited out by none other than Diana Joe and Jose & Marlene Gaytan. They had me speak at their training event called PHP University, where we helps mentor some of the major players within PHP agency!

And right after THAT, we are OscarMike across the country to Florida where we are also expanding into Orlando, FL. Big thanks to my special greeters at JAX airport with newly promoted Marketing Director Bianca Rist (Momtrepreneurs Stand Up!), Tommy Clarke and Curtis Higgons.

Before we get on the road Mason has me talk to a high level real estate agent who is intrigued by our industry and business model. The next day I channel my inner salsero out in Miami training the newest associates of PHP Agency the basic skills of an entrepreneur!

1:34 Duluth, Georgia at Primerica HQ

2:34 MSG Breaks down the Difference between PHP and Competitors

3:22 Johns Creek, Georgia at WFG HQ

4:08 Welcoming Pastor Mario

4:33 Connecting with Previous WFG Agent Richard Welch

5:20 Back to Chicago for Financial Boot Camp

5:47 Oscar Mike to Pasadena CA for PHPU

6:40 Greeted In Jacksonville by Bianca Rist

7:47 The 4 Levels of Income

9:10 Expansion into Orlando

9:35 Lunch with Jon Mason and Ex Real Estate Agent

11:06 Dancing into Miami

With competition watching, how will you react to the naysayers? Cower down or RISE UP? See you in the next episode!