Connect Build and Grow! | Living Money Smart a Vetrepreneur VLOG EP22

Connect, Build and Grow! Once you master a few skill sets, building a business across the country helps surge momentum! ?

In episode 22 of #LivingMoneySmart, a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG, I head to Boston to field train our new office led by Jeff Gaudette.

Jeff Gaudette was a former mortgage broker and was lighting it up during the real estate boom. He was bringing in over $600k income, just bought his dream home and car only to see it disappear less than a year later.

Ironically enough, we had the same financial mentors even though he was in Boston and I was in Chicago. We connected through a mutual friend, Dave Muti who is an attorney and creator of one of the coolest pieces of software for the financial/mortgage industry.

Make a long story short, I had reached out to him a few years ago to work with me and PHP Agency. While he agreed, we had to wait over 6 months for the state of Massachusetts to issue an agency license to PHP Agency.


The whole time Jeff Gaudette kept himself in a holding pattern. Today, he’s an official office of PHP Agency, the first on the Eastern seaboard and New England area. Big hi 5s to Jeff for being a pioneer!

Connect Build and Grow – Your NetWORTH is Your NetWORK!

You ever the phrase, “Who do you know?” Even more powerful is, “Who knows you?”

Then I head to Dallas for the inaugural, Military Influencer Conference. ?????⚓️

It’s the first time I’ve been invited to a military veteran entrepreneur event. I got fired up being around my brothers/sisters in uniform…especially getting to meet Derek Sisson of Merica Bourbon and David Blanco of Blanco Cigars. Who says you can’t take a passion and make it into a business! Two of my most favorite things…dayem!

Cool factor ALERT! My mentor, who is also a military veteran says, “You gotta drive there in style!” Instead of riding in Uber or picking up a rental car, I get to drive in style with a convertible Rolls Royce Dawn. Huge thx ? to our CEO of PHP Agency and host of Valuetainment, Patrick Bet-David.

Matt Sapaula shops for a private jet while driving a Rolls Royce Dawn


On top of THAT…Patrick takes us to the local private airport to shop for a PRIVATE JET! C’mon SON!

Always surround yourself with people that make you a little uncomfortable. How you connect, build and grow will determine your “next”. If you want momentum in your business you should always be on a relentless pursuit of the next best version of YOU!