Dare to Be Different | Live from Primerica HQ

Dare to be different. Just do it! Inspired by Art Williams and how he sold his company to Primerica, I go Facebook LIVE frm their headquarters in Duluth, GA.

When you make a decision to do something big in your life, you dare to be different than most people you know. It takes courage to make money, it takes courage to be financially free.

It also it a test of your faith and engages spiritual intelligence (no religious) that brings you to the knowledge that you are connected to something greater than yourself.


As a co-owner of PHP Agency I love studying history and trends. I like to educate myself on what has happened in the past so I can better determine my future. We are on the path of “Solving for B”, as in building the next billion dollar company in the Insurance industry. Yeeeeeeeees!

Dare to Be Different

Three things comes to mind when I dare to be different:

1. Innovation

2. Opportunity

3. Timing

Plus I introduce Richard Welch whom I am mentoring. He has been a realtor for the past 22 years and reached out to me when he was working with another financial company in the area. In just 2 months working with him he has done more with us than he has the past year.

Stay posted for part 2 of this conversation as we will visit another financial company in the area that was birthed from leaders in Primerica.