Daymond John Exclusive Interview with NBC’s Shark Tank Investor

Daymond John drops by the MillerCoor’s #TapTheFuture business plan competition. @MoneySmartGuy Matt Sapaula get an exclusive interview with this investor from NBC’s show Shark Tank.


Matt Sapaula who is a Miller Coors #TapTheFuture Business Plan Judge takes some of entrepreneurs he is mentoring to this business plan competition.

Matt Sapaula brings his teenager daughter, along with entrepreneurs he is mentoring, to the Miller Coors #TapTheFuture Business Plan Competition

Daymond John – Evolution of an Entrepreneur

1. What are the ingredients that make up a successful entrepreneur? :28

2. What happens when an entrepreneur is broke 1:02

3. How to transition from an employee to an entrepreneur 1:18

4. How can a business with too much money, too much capital still FAIL? 2:27

5. What painful experience did you learn from the most? 3:37

6. What’s the best thing an entrepreneur can do financially at the beginning of starting their business? 5:23

7. How important is the MillerCoors #TapTheFuture business plan competition for aspiring entrepreneurs? 6:49

8. What is a more investable business for you – a high margin product with a longer sales cycle? Or a lower margin product that takes high volume in sales to make money? 7:05

9. SPEED ROUND – give me ONE WORD that describes your fellow SHARKs on SHARK TANK 8:12

10. SPEED ROUND – here’s where Robert Kiyosaki’s CASH FLOW QUADRANT comes into play. Give me ONE event in your business evolution that had you start from the Employee quadrant then move to the SELF-EMPLOYED quadrant. Then to BUSINESS OWNER and finally INVESTOR. 8:53

11. Which quadrant of the CASH FLOW Quadrant do you like being at the most? 9:45

12. If Daymond John wasn’t an entrepreneur today, what type of JOB or career would you be in? 9:54

13. What can free enterprise and capitalism really do for America? 10:09