Delivery of My Rolls Royce Ghost!!!

When I grew up, I said that I would be a Marine. I did that and then later I got out of the marine corps and finally got my first car. To make the long story short, I have always looked at magazines and thought to myself that I want to live that magazine lifestyle. I always thought I deserved to live that kind of lifestyle.

I started asking myself the tough questions. I asked why these other people are living the magazine lifestyle but I am not? So, I decided to make a real change in my life. Maybe you want a change too, maybe you want to upgrade your life to the next level too. If you do, then you have the power to change your decisions and your outlook. After all, if you want to buy a house or a car, why not buy the best?

Many people didn’t have a car growing up or maybe they had a really old and simple car. But today, they own some of the best cars in the world. All that happened because, at some point in their lives, they had the courage to ask themselves the tough questions. They really wanted from deep within to bring a real and impactful change. Then they strived for it and it made it happen for them. That’s the lesson here.

How many of you guys would want to live a better life? How many of you would like to upgrade your life and live a luxurious one? I’m sure you would want to upgrade at least your car to a brand new one. If you do, you have to start thinking differently. Robert Kiyosaki has some great insights about money and finance in general and you should definitely check out his work if you want to turn your life around in a big way.

He wrote a book called “Rich Dad Poor Dad” which has single-handedly changed countless lives throughout the world. He also wrote a book entitled “Why the rich are getting richer”. When I heard of this book I thought to myself why I can’t get richer. So, until I started thinking differently and started asking myself some hard questions like how are people winning the money game, my life didn’t change. It only changed after I thought really hard about what I need to do to live the life I want to live.

Many people have negative views about money. They think that more money means more problems but they are wrong. More money means better problems. Sometimes your own family and friends can hold you back. But you have to refuse to live the same life you have been living. Raise yourself to a level where you are comfortable.

You are only a couple of decisions away, a couple of conversations away and a couple of moves away from unlocking the secrets of the money game.