Evolution of an Entrepreneur: Salesperson to Manager to CEO

If you want a major shift in your personal finances as a salesperson, the evolution of an entrepreneur must occur. I’ve run into so many people that are trapped as a salesperson, yet think they own a business. They don’t. Just like any species and life form, entrepreneurs must evolve if they want a business.

How does one evolve from a salesperson to a manager to a business owner to a CEO?

Meet my friends Annel Veronica Lopez Cuevas & Javier Castro.

Annel was a financial planner for 12 years and translated the book Missed Fortune 101 into Spanish. Javier is an Operation: Restore Hope Marine Corps Veteran…stormed the beaches and bit the dirt with me in Somalia, Africa.

(I discovered that Javier Castro and I served in the 15th MEU (Special Operations Capable) aboard the USS Tripoli back in the day when I co-hosted PHP University in Orlando. Check out episode 8 “Freedom Requires Sacrifice”.)

1:45 Welcoming the Guests to the show

4:24 Annel Castro Translates Missed Fortune 101 to Spanish

7:30 The Latino Community and the awareness of managing money

8:44 A story for the Hispanic Community

11:15 What is the financial education amongst minority veterans

13:38 Employee to Salesperson to Entrepreneur

19:54 Being Part of the PHP Ladies trip in Boston

23:50 How Veterans can transition from military to entrepreneurship

28:35 Why you should build a business as a power couple

34:38 Challenges I had as an independant agent

37:10 What made you want to build an office in San Diego

39:26 The key to getting ahead in your finances

42:45 What makes PHP Agency different

43:26 One Last Thought from Annel & Javier Castro

50:19 Thanking Javier and Annel for their time