Exponential Growth | Living Money Smart a Vetrepreneur VLOG EP18

Linear growth versus exponential growth. People want to build a company. I’ve experienced that the focus should be building PEOPLE. They in turn build a company. It’s how we’ve grown from 11 people to over 21 small agencies in just 2.5 years.

Exponential Growth – 3rd bigger office in 3 consecutive years

We started from an executive office space where we shared common areas with other tenants. That turned into us renting multiple offices and becoming a distraction amongst other tenants. Why? Our style of business is FUN, energetic and somewhat LOUD.

It was quite a difference from other entrepreneurs sitting in their offices wanting to keep things quiet. Then we moved into a 2100 sq ft office. In about 4 months we outgrew that office space. Yet, we signed a 5 year lease.

Plus the landlord did not like us bringing in so many people to the office space. Whether it was clients, guest speakers, potential candidates the volume of people coming into this space was high.

Eventually we found a landlord that welcomed us and our business model. In this VLOG we moved into a 5200 sq ft office and we’re having a feeling that we’ve already outgrew this space. It’s a big reason why Oscar Dela Hoya and his syndicate invested $10M into expansion for PHP Agency.

PHP Agency has had 10 consecutive quarters of beating the last quarter in growth

We’re reaching a market that the traditional financial services industry has overlooked and has been unable to connect with. After all how many people do you know in the insurance industry that has an Instagram profile?

Here’s episode 18 of Living Money Smart, a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG.