Finding Leaders in Business – Private Jet Tour Kickoff with PHP Agency

Private jet – we meet again. This time it’s about finding leaders that are new in business. Build leaders and “they” will come. Well, that’s my little adaptation of Kevin Kostner from the movie, Field of Dreams. As we embark on a six city tour of PHP Agency offices in 3 days, I grab some thoughts together on finding leaders.

Welcoming us as we arrive in Riverside, CA is Diana Joe and Andrew Gaines. They run the Pasadena, CA office in which my cousin Gil Griarte is working out from. Gil sold me a $1500 Kirby vacuum in 1998 when I was a broke Marine. Why? Family, I guess. Plus Kirby had this cool attachment to groom my rottweiler.


Yes, I still have that way over-priced Kirby vacuum to this day. However, as life would have it, Gil is now a licensed insurance agent in CA working within my company, PHP Agency.

Private Jet for Business – Another Dream Come True

I’m truly honored to be zipping across the country on a private jet alongside my mentor, Patrick Bet-David. Both of us come from immigrant families, meager upbringings, served in the military and embarked upon a journey of entrepreneurship. I’m definitely getting a reality check knowing that I don’t have to worry about TSA, security checkpoints or lugging around my bags.

And to think at the beginning of the year I was driving around in Dallas with Patrick’s new Lamborghini Aventador.

And now, flying via private jet is my new reality. The days of flying regular commercial airlines may just be coming to an end. It’s a completely different experience. I love seeing how much time gets put back in our schedule and how efficient we’re working.

In this video I share a quick thought about concentration. It’s so important in business with so many distractions. Patrick talks about why finding and building leaders in business is so important. Leadership is such a tough thing to discover on a resume. It’s found while in the hunt as one runs their day-to-day operations.

How much do you value leadership in your business, your life? Do you seek to be around leaders that constantly stretch your vision and even make you feel uncomfortable…often?