First Time to Miami | Living Money Smart a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG EP12

First time to Miami. I know right? After traveling the world in the U.S. Marine Corps and after 18 years in the insurance industry, I’ve never been. Here’s episode 12 of Living Money Smart, a Vetrepreneur VLOG.

It’s an honor to be the guest speaker and trainer at PHP Agency – Miami. This event was hosted by Brittany Pelaez, Tony Martinez & Leidy Reyes. What an eager workshop I get to be a part of as I speak to prospective agents and aspiring entrepreneurs.

First Time to Miami

I get very close to South Beach, but didn’t indulge. It’s all business baby! I’m in focus mode and I’m playing to win. No distractions or wasted time not building towards my next opportunity.

I’m looking forward to continuing the expansion of the MoneySmartMovement team of PHP Agency in Florida. The life insurance industry today greatly lacks multicultural diversity.

Along with the opportunity to earn high income in a city that requires it, the growth of PHP Agency looks extremely promising.

Britt Pelaez talks briefly about the difference she has at PHP Agency. Today she is an agency builder versus just simply being an insurance agent at New York Life. Tony Martinez talks about his experience at Transamerica and World Financial Group compared to his first year at PHP Agency.

I may not have hit the clubs, danced salsa or donned my Speedo…but you’ll definitely catch me AT LEAST smoking a stogie! Huge thanks for the gifts presented by the PHP Agency’s Miami office!

Matt Sapaula receives gifts after his first time in Miami.