Fitness, Family and Finance on Chicago’s WVON with Linal Harris

Humans are capable of marvelous feats. We just have to be willing to put our minds to it. We can use the same capability to live lives that are enriched in every aspect. In modern times, there is a lot of confusion regarding how we can balance the different aspects of our lives. We want to stay healthy, uphold our responsibilities to our wives and children, and do all of that while maintaining financial well-being.

A lot of people tend to put these things into opposing camps or view them as competing priorities. They often say things like, “If I’m going to make money, I can’t be healthy. I don’t have time for the gym, I have to take care of the family.” This is the reality for a lot of people. But creating a balance is a must and we can all do it.

How Can We Do It All?

The simple answer is that we have to make these as a priority. We have to make decisions about our priorities and once those are aligned, it becomes easier to make them a reality. It can get tough at times, but we need to push through and remind ourselves of our goals constantly.

There are two powerful ways we can ensure that we fulfill these priorities. One, we need to approach them like appointments. That way, we will want to remain committed to making those appointments.

Second, we can establish a system where we become accountable. That way, we have no option but to do it!

Fitness, Family, and Finance

As we’re elevating our finances and taking care of our family, time becomes a precious commodity. Often, our health is the first thing we sacrifice. But, it doesn’t make sense if we gain wealth, only to later spend it on regaining health.

So, we need to make ‘taking care of our health’ a daily appointment. And to remain accountable, we can even leverage technology in addition to working with trainers. We can use something as simple as a water app to be reminded of drinking water. Doing so makes us accountable.

Next up is family. When we are single and building our business, we are in love with the business but when we’re married and have kids, we have more to love. An entire family to love.

Also, in every marriage, there are arguments. But it’s important to solve these arguments quickly. If not, it could ruin the whole day and impact our business negatively. Therefore, it is important to communicate. We don’t have to be right all the time. We need to be understanding of how the other person feels as well. The same goes for kids.

When it comes to working, we need to love what we do. Only then can we be passionate and totally committed to it. This will create huge rewards for us. We also need to make it our life’s purpose to enhance other people’s lives while elevating our finances. This will ensure that we live a life according to our highest values.