Fox News Guest: God’s Way That Women Make Less Money

Is this national debate and tirade over why women make less money, I jumped out of my chair when I heard this Fox News segment on Hannity where he had a guest share his opinion.


He literally said on national news that women would be happier at home, are less ambitious and would be happier in taking their kids to soccer. That women CHOOSE to make less money. More so, he even put a religious slant on his opinion stating that it’s “God’s Way” that women make less money than men.


What kept Tamara Holder from doing a rear-naked choke hold on this guy? She handled this with such class and yes, made sure that this guest was doing a disservice to the viewers of the Hannity show.

Women Make Less Than Men: My Perspective

I will say this, as a financial coach helping people with their personal finances, I’ve noticed over my brief fifteen year career that it is usually the women in the home that make a majority of the financial decisions. For twelve of those years as a licensed financial advisor, I had clientele where investment or insurance-based decisions where made by the wife…even though the husband may have thought they were in charge.

In the mid-90s, I held “Women, Wealth and Power” workshops as the feedback I would receive is that more women wanted more and more financial education. I had a conversation with the former U.S. Treasurer Anna Escabedo Cabral (check your cash as you may already have her autograph on your money) on what it is like not only being a woman but a minority woman in this country and getting ahead financially.

Yes…the U.S. government had a Latina signing all the checks!

Money Smart Week w/former US Treasurer Anna Escobedo Cabral - "Women, Money and Power"

Money Smart Week w/former US Treasurer Anna Escobedo Cabral – “Women, Money and Power”

Consider these other points:

Young Women Graduate With More Degrees, But Paid Less Than Men – more guys drop out but it’s the young women that stick with it to walk across the stage to grab their college degree

Entrepreneurship is New Women’s Movement  – if they aren’t getting paid what they are worth through corporate America…women are creating their opportunity

Janet Yellen as Head of Federal Reserve Bank Shatters Glass Ceiling for Women in Financial Services – quite the unlikely revolutionary in her new position

Harvard Business Review on the Financial Services Inability to Help an $11 Trillion Market – Yes and it’s led and controlled by WOMEN.

Had Enough Ladies? What You Can Do

You can always sit their, debate and fight it out. But that’s the worst outcome for the time and energy you put into it. Why not do something constructive? Why not create a solution to the problem?

What we’ve done at the Money Smart Movement is create a leadership community of entrepreneurs. Many of the ladies we are grooming today is going to lead their own enterprise as financial entrepreneurs running their own agency (or agencies) across the country.

Women Make Less Money

We asked the women in our weekly workshops how they felt after we played the Fox News segment of Women Making Less Money, Less Ambition. Thumbs down they say!

Beginning in their local area, they receive the education, mentorship, support and field training necessary to become confident, competent and also create the cash flow to meet and exceed their full-time job on a part-time basis.

When these ladies have met their licensing requirements, classroom training and develop a systematic, predictable marketing and revenue stream they are overwhelmed with a great sense of accomplishment and understanding that NO ONE will every dictate what they are worth.

As the famous saying goes, “Give a man or woman a fish, they’ll eat for a day. But teach them HOW to fish…and they’ll live forever.”

And once anyone realizes that, regardless of gender, they realize the real truth of “God’s Way”.