Gain an Edge: 3 Ways to Crush Your Competition

It’s the Summer of ’17! I just LOVE the summer season, not for obvious reasons. It’s the easiest time I gain an edge on my competition.

How so? One word – Distractions.

Everyone is dealing with it.

It’s the season where tough decisions are made. It’s between a commitment to success in your business vs. indulging in your personal life. It quite the mental crossroad.

It a time where one can easily anticipate those multiple invitations to the beach, barbecues, weddings, graduations, reunions, vacations and extended weekend getaways.

Yet, this is the SEASON where MOST people in America will take it easy, take it casual. Subconsciously, most of your competitors succumb to the indulgences in recreation.

They’ll post it on social media and if you happen to brush past them they’ll tell you, “Don’t work so hard. Let your hair done. Grab a brewski…or two.

I tell them, “Go for it! I’ll pass…

Who is notorious for this is the insurance INDUSTRY. They LOVE to take it easy. Over my 19 years in this industry, insurance companies have “summer hours”. Quite annoying for the agent and agencies in the field when they don’t follow the traditional 9-5, let alone their adjusted 9-2 workday during the summers.

So what do MOST agents and agencies do during the summer time? They adjust their operational hours to those of the insurance companies. It’s as IF they allow these institutions, along with normal thinking, have the rest of the industry settle for the average and ordinary.

By all means. Go for it!

As for me and my business, my dreams and my goals…Not PHP Agency and the Money Smart Movement team, BABY!

We’re ready to double down when our competitors kick back! Why? It boils down to these questions.


Are you serious about changing your life?

Are you serious about turning your finances around?

Are you serious about doing the necessary work to gain the financial altitude above your situation?

Gain an Edge, Let Others Take it Casual

Here’s why I’ve doubled down during seasons where most people take it easy.

  • You’ve got to break the pattern. Normal people have normal routines. Later, they look up their bank accounts then find themselves normally broke. I did that for many years. If you want what you’ve never had, you’ve got to be willing to do what you’ve never done. Let your friends, family and competitors laugh at you. Let them coax you into thinking it’s ok to chill. I’ve always replied to them, “I’d rather be crazy and rich, than normal and broke!”
  • You’ll discover the NEXT best version of you! Believe me, the next best version of you is WAITING… no, SCREAMING for you to find them! The next best version of you has SO MUCH to give this world, your family and your community. The next best version of you is going to make a BIGGER impact, but you won’t discover them sitting on your ass for too long.

“I’d rather be crazy and rich, than normal and broke!”

I’ve had a chip on my shoulder for my entire life. For a while I felt indifferent to what everyone around me was doing.

I’ve never had the right pedigree, enough money, the righteous scenarios, the ideal situations or the obvious opportunities. I’ve had to be scrappy my entire life and I don’t expect it to lighten up. I’ve had to create, rather demand, my own possibilities.

Why? Chances for things happening to me and landing on my lap, are slim. Still are.

When I decided to take 100% responsibility and say, “I own this!“, new enemies appeared along with my small victories.

Here’s the usual suspects that will show up trying to put doubt, fear and disbelief in what you set out to do:

  • COMPETITORS – they’re laughing at you. They’re trolling you. They’re smiling in your face, shaking your hands, giving you hugs but behind closed doors they’re mocking you. Sadly, a majority of them are friends, family and other enemies. How you will react? Will you prove the right, or wrong? Only YOUR actions will prove them otherwise!
  • Financial Situation – most people in America are barely scraping by. If you’re making less than $250k of income and your current job/business and there’s a CAP of what you can make…you’ve got to seriously have a conversation about WHERE you’re making your money. You’ve got to find a better plan to apply your time and efforts this summer.

How do you play offense, not defense, and gain an edge on your competition? Consider these:

  1. Get SERIOUS ABout WHAT YOU WANT – carefully choose the words you use. What you think about, what you speak about…you BE about! You know how many people talk about a life they’d rather have and yet not do ANY of the work to get them there? Human nature creates fear and fear creates procrastination. Those that get serious about what they want won’t make excuses, put things off or wait for the right time to do things. Those that are serious CREATE the opportunity and place themselves in situations that allow them to WIN.
  2. Redefine WHAT you do on EVENINGS/WEEKENDS. Don’t be typical. Yes, success will require you to but in some significant time. Leave the 40 hour work week to the pansies. To gain an edge on your competition means you outwork them during normally inconvenient times. It when people have to decide between sitting on their ass, clocking out or doubling down to find another gear!
  3. Put the WORK behind it! Talk is cheap. Most people will get excited for a few minutes, a few hours, even a few months to put in a little bit of effort. But those that are serious, willing to gain an edge on their competition will stay excited and put in the intense work for years. Whatever it takes. There looking for a breakthrough and they know letting the foot off the gas will unwind tons of momentum. Focus on what moves the needle forward, not just being at the office “playing business”.

How has these points worked out for my wife and I? Simply put, our company PHP Agency Inc has grown EIGHT CONSECUTIVE QUARTERS in a row. We have beat out each previous quarter for TWO years in a row…and counting!

Sheena and I have hit personal cash flow milestones faster than our previous involvement with World Financial Group, a Transamerica Company. We have outpaced and outflanked former mentors that have been in business for 20+ years and earned more income in 30 months than they earned in 17-20 years.

I remember asking someone who I was competing against what it was like to earn $750,000 per year. It was at a time where we just crossed $100k in personal cash flow and I wanted them to sell me the dream.

Their response? “Having to get up in the morning because I don’t have to,” they said.

As soon as I said that, I realized that many of them had the same mental comfort level and it was just a matter of time before I ran circles around them.

Sheena and I were willing to gain an edge on our competition when we weren’t feeling 100%. Business isn’t about feeling good all the time…sometimes you gotta play when you’re hurt. We still showed up to the office, made calls and ran appointments.

When people flaked out, canceled at the last minute, changed their mind…we double down on our thinking and personal activity.

Realize that business is less about talent and more about conscious effort. It’s a “check up from the neck up” as Tim Grover, personal trainer to Michael Jordan, would say.