George Floyd Is Me By Linal Harris

Last night, I couldn’t sleep. I kept having nightmares about the police. George Floyd could have been me. I am committed to protecting my family. So, during this pandemic, I shop for groceries. George Floyd could have been me. Do you mean to tell me that writing a check while black is a forgery? George Floyd could have been me. If I am arrested, and I comply in America, I could still die? George Floyd could have been me.

America, I am hungry. Can I shop for groceries? Will you punish me? Will you care about me when I say, “I can’t breathe”? Will my life end with death by the

police in these streets? America, remove your knee. We can’t breathe. George Floyd is me!

It is insane to think about all that is going on. A storm starts raging on the inside when you think about what has happened. It is absolutely crazy that racism exists even in the 21st century. We had all thought that we left all this behind in the previous one. That we had gotten rid of this mentality that the color of your skin should dictate how you are supposed to be treated. We had thought that we had left behind this black spot on the fabric of our history.

It seems like we were wrong. It seems like this rotten mentality still exists in the mind of some people. What happened to George Floyd could have happened to anyone. And what is even scarier is that it is the ones who are supposed to protect us that committed this heinous crime. How can you ask them for help if they stab you in the back? How can the system fail us so hard? That too in the midst of a global pandemic? It is absolutely crazy.

The question now is, will things change? Or will they remain as they always have? Will politicians and those in power listen to the people’s plea? Will they do the right thing and put an end to this kind of behavior by those meant to protect us? We understand, not everyone is like this. But enough of them are to warrant a serious look.

Technology is there that can literally eradicate these kinds of happenings. The only thing that is needed is intent from the government. The state government and the central government need to work together to ensure that real change happens. Not one on paper but in the real world. Only then can we build a better world, an inclusive world. A world that is not bogged down by the horrors of its past.