Getting Ready to Attend Your Big Event and Conference

Do you REALLY want to be financially free? Do you REALLY want to help your parents, your kids, to pay off your debts…recover from getting laid off, health issues? How does investing time and money into a big event begin to change your life?

Are you ready to PLAY OFFENSE and ATTACK your personal finances?

Before MoneySmartGuy…it wasn’t looking so pretty. I just KNEW I needed a shot, a vehicle to get there.

I can choose to walk there, take the train…or with PHP AGENCY…FLY THERE!

What do you want to do?

Let me share #s … #FACTS

People see the GLORY, but don’t know the story.

Here’s who we’re looking forward to seeing next week. (Yep, that’s Kevin Hart…he’ll be speaking at our Gala Awards Night)

How We Started in 2015

Jan/Feb 2015 we got paid a total of $3,800.

We barely had a team, roughly 15-20 associates both part-time and full-time. It was easy to recruit, but to retain was difficult. Our belief level wasn’t strengthened yet.

I sold my car to raise the money to get married. I was at a pawn shop just to pay the bills and get me the money to attend the PHP Agency “New Breed” convention held at the Rio Hotel in Vegas.

This is our team, our little “MoneySmartMovement” brand that we were establishing. All of us were broke, tight on cash. Yet, we still prevailed and made it to this big event. It was time for us to charge our batteries for the big time.

Matt Sapaula leads a team to their first big event in Feb 2015

How it Looks Now in 2018

How fast does a 40 months transformation seem like? We’ve invested to attend EVERY annual convention, mid-year event that PHP Agency has put together. Even better, we’ve led more people to attend along with us.

Anyone that says, “Matt teach me how to make money!”, has requirement for me to coach them to invest in attending a big event or conference that we put together.

Just LAST WEEK, PHP Agency paid my wife’s code # over $24,000 in cash flow. Just last month income was over $126,000.

Has this investment of time/money paid off?

Seriously, tell me what you think!

Matt Sapaula leads the MoneySmartMovement team Jan 2018 in NOLA

Matt Sapaula attempts a panoramic of MoneySmartMovement team breakout meeting in NOLA

Small minds get crazy about big people. Average Minds get crazy about big things. Great minds get crazy about big events.

Here’s how our last big event played out. (Yep, those are Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Rolls Royce, etc.)

Big Event, Going INTO Las Vegas

  1. Promotions, keep going! This is not a vacation…keep working up until the day before you leave! Keep the main thing the main thing!
  2. Get Licensed – more of the convention topics, subjects will mean more. I thought it was pretty cool to have no college degree and talk to reps of a billion dollar company. I wanted to get the EXACT skills to leave the Marine Corps and transition with CONFIDENCE on how to replace my income.
  3. Get Business Placed and Get Paid – you’ll need travel money, food, expenses along the way. Last thing you want to do is be cheap with your business. Has some cash in the bank and ready to sow that as a seed into your money farm!
  4. Stay away from the Casinos, Entertainment DURING Convention – display self-discipline which is required to become financial free. Vegas wasn’t built on WINNERS. The house ALWAYS win. Learn the money rules so YOU become the house!

Life changing moments don’t have on your couch, your comfort zone. Life changing moments happen outside your existing environment.

How to Maximize the Big Event

  1. Good Leaders Ask Great Questions – seek out people YOU want to get an answer from. You’re going to get such a DIVERSE perspective of where people came from and what they’re doing to win in business.
  2. Stay PLUGGED IN – going to FAVOR those who have a room at the Venetian. Trying to save money across the street, will cost you MORE money and worse, more time away from the environment. Don’t make a mad dash back to your hotel room or the meeting areas. Look to make a connection…get YOUR name out there!
  3. Drive TEAM Attendance – don’t let people give you an excuse! People say, I’m broke, my boss won’t let me go, don’t have anyone to watch my kids…are you giving up already? Race hasn’t started and you let life keep you in a corner. Winners find a WAY! People who become financially independent say, “How CAN I DO THIS? How CAN I afford this? How CAN I MAKE this happen?”

Why It’ll Be Life Changing

  1. Business is CAUGHT, not taught – if you come to Vegas with a HUNGER, not a hand out…and deep desire to change you’ll catch at least ONE thing that will change your mindset when it comes to entrepreneurship.
  2. You’ll See Another Version of YOU – you’ll see an entrepreneurial mirror, you’ll see people winning in business and you’re like, “WHAT? They are making $100k a year? THEY are doing 50 rec a month? THEY are leading an office?” And you’ll be like, what am I doing?


Final Thoughts:

Biggest regrets that people coming BACK from convention is that they didn’t take it seriously going and that they didn’t bring more of their team, their family with them.

Don’t be that person…because you’re listening to this, now you know better.

I’m not a big believer in a resume or past work experience…what I am a big believer in is the heart of everyone on this call listening to the sound of my voice.

YOU’RE life is about to change…and I can’t wait to help you and cheer you on as you walk the stage.

Thank YOU for being in business with me…it’s an honor to be in business with you. Until I meet you in Vegas…continue to live smart, love smart and be MONEY SMART TODAY!