Go Opposite | Millionaire Motivation

When you’re well on your way in your journey, inching closer to your goals, it’s common for people to take a look back. I remember the times when I was just starting out. To this day, I clearly remember what my father had said to me. By the way, I love my father to death. I have got one of those Filipino fathers where if you tell them that you love them, they will reply with a simple, “I know.” They never reciprocate and tell you that they love you too, even though they do.

My father once told me that this business thing is not for you. He told me that I was getting a little old and that I should put my applications for the CIA, the FBI, the secret service. He even had applications ready for me. He was so concerned for me as I had just come out of the Marine Corps. He was concerned that I was getting old and that the security clearances might expire if I don’t pursue the jobs that he had recommended.

So, I asked him to give me 90 days. I told him to let me try this out and that I will show him that I can earn $20,000 a month. I asked him if he would back off a little if I can prove myself. He didn’t say anything but he scoffed. He scoffed in disapproval. However, I was thinking that I need to prove myself to him. I decided that I will do it because I love him. Not because I wanted to prove him wrong, but because I love him.

I wanted to do it because I wanted to show him that the last name that he gave me, that I am so proud of, I wanted to take it to the next level. My desire was to get my dad to say that he loved me, to say that I meant something, that I was something, and to say that he was proud of me. And you know what? Years later, he actually said that. He didn’t say those exact words and instead said, “Good job.” But I knew in my heart that he was proud of me.

You know, when your parents are growing old, you don’t know how much time you have with them. And so, I want my dad to tell me that, son, you went the opposite, and in the midst of doing that, you made something of yourself, regardless of everything that everybody had to say about you. You made something of yourself and yes, I’m proud of you. You’re a man. This is something he has never said to me. You’re a man!

This is my message to everyone. Go opposite. When people doubt you and your dreams, they have nasty things to say about you, you go the opposite. You let them say whatever they say. Go out there, accomplish your dreams and goals, and let your actions speak for themselves. Those people will wither in the background as you build and start living your new life.