Going from Ordinary to Extraordinary – Living Money Smart a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG EP4

Going from Ordinary to Extraordinary begins with a key moment of self-reflection. It is about the tough questions you ask yourself. Investing time, energy and emotion into discovering the even tougher answers will lead to change, transformation and meeting the next best version of you.

But don’t stop there. This constant and never ending improvement, if you allow it to, will lead to even better quality questions. In turn, it will lead to even greater quality answers.

How to Go from Ordinary to Extraordinary

In John Maxwell’s book, Good Leaders Ask Great Questions, he states that a daily habit for any leader to develop would be to give more than we receive. A “giving mindset” allows us to do 3 things:

  1. Acknowledges That Others Helped Us
  2. Requires Us to Get Beyond Ourselves
  3. Become More Intentional

With that being said, we can’t give what we ain’t got!  If you want to go from an ordinary to extraordinarylife you’ve got to demand better questions of yourself. To go from ordinary to extraordinary you cannot expect to change your life if you expect to do the “same ol same ol“! If you want to go from an ordinary business to an extraordinary entrepreneur that makes an impact, a difference in your community, then you’ve got to trust the process of asking better questions!

This boils down to personal leadership and accepting the answers you receive or doing something about it.

If you decide to become a leader, a generous leader at that, you will create a positive team and organization that others will always want to be a part of.

Here’s 3 questions to ask yourself in order to give more:

  1. What Have You Been Given?
  2. What Do You Have?
  3. What Can You Do?

Here’s the next episode of Living Money Smart, a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG which shows @MoneySmartGuy, Matt Sapaula’s proof that when you ask yourself better quality questions, you get better answers…and a better life!