Good, Bad & Ugly Realities of Entrepreneurship

In this episode of The Movement, Matt teams up with ten entrepreneurs he is currently mentoring to discuss the realities of entrepreneurship. They tackle the excuses that keep most people from stepping out to create a life of freedom, both personal and financial.

All participants come from various ethnic and occupational backgrounds; the service sector, the professional sector, the private sector, the public sector, blue collar, white collar, even the military sector, but one thing they all concluded was that if they would live a life of fulfillment and purpose, a job would not be the way to accomplish their dreams.

It doesn’t matter what our age, background, upbringing, socioeconomic reality or the color of our skin. What connects us all together is GREEN, along with our passion, dreams and desire to become someone better – @MoneySmartGuy Matt Sapaula

Listen to the excuses starting at 1:22 of the podcast to consider if you would use any of these, then listen to these entrepreneurs discuss the reasons to go for it.  There may be multiple reasons to not try, but you only need one reason to succeed.

Now, of course, entrepreneurship isn’t all sunshine and roses.  This episode offers a look into the risks and work necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur.  The cost benefit analysis comes down to what one wants in life.  Below is a list of Eight Keys that are explored in this podcast.

  1. Financial Independence
  2. Control of your time
  3. Example to your children
  4. Secure Retirement
  5. Self Actualization
  6. Pursue your passion
  7. Service to mankind
  8. Help family and friends

Finally, this podcast tackles the objections.  Many people are turned off by hearing NO, the fear of so-called rejection stops many would entrepreneurs from starting their own business.  These entrepreneurs talk about it the realities of entrepreneurship that they individually endure and offer their own perspectives to help get over the hump.

Ana Rivera gives a powerful explanation and picture of success, “Success has no age!”  Regardless to where you are, it’s never too late to start.  Grab your pen and note pad, listen, take notes, take it in, and GO MAKE IT HAPPEN!