Grant Cardone Most Controversial Interview. Earmuffs Kids.

Patrick Bet-David, CEO/Founder of PHP Agency went to interview Grant Cardone at his studio in Miami. Little did he know it would be the most controversial interview he has ever done.

Grant Cardone, who authored one of my favorite books read in my entire career as an entrepreneur, The 10X Rule, lost 25 years of savings and investments during the Great Recession of 2008. With multiple areas pressing against him, he fought back to rebuild his net worth to over $100 million, runs several companies and one of the foremost experts in getting you skills to pay the bills. He coaches sales people, entrepreneurs and hosts one of my favorite podcasts, the CardoneZone.

Here some quick notes I took from this interview. Would love to hear your comments about some of his perspectives which again are quite controversial.

Note: Patrick Bet-David’s questions are in BLACK. Grant Cardone’s response is in regular type.

How do you keep young and look younger?

I’m in the the game! I’m on purpose and I’m most alive! I’m in the game of change and expansion. Look up the word “life” and what it means.

How do you balance not giving a crap about all the judgement you get and still remain sincere?

It’s a bit of chaos with a big of management. When I think of balance, I think of management. I go wide, I find the half of the seven billion people on Earth that like me. I spent 37 years trying to make people happy.

Who was Grant Cardone in high school?

He was the guy trying to please everybody. Yet once I started to share my true colors they didn’t like me and I didn’t fit. I would only fit under the rules. I was a slave to popularity. Most popular people don’t get paid. Kanye West, his wife, people don’t like them but they get their paper! Then look at Obama.

When did you realize you were going into sales?

In Louisana, I come from a labor town, refinery town. Oil and gas. Rednecks. And I say rednecks with a lot of admiration. (Watch the video about what Grant said about taking redneck’s girlfriends, OMG)

I sold redfish. I made more money selling fish than I did in two weeks working hard labor. And the reason why sold so much fish is because if I didn’t sell them all they’d go bad. I had a deadline.

What was your first professional sales position?

It was cars. I get dropped into this environment and cesspool of negativity. I learning this new trade. I did two years, I got drug down because of this environment and I hated it.

[About your visit to Prague and conversation with a “sad” cab driver] How do you shift a mindset of entitlement?

He’s done. He’s a deadman. The opposite of the word “live” is “succumb”. You have to control your environment at home and at work. My job is control my company and I want to bring positive people here. People at the first floor of my building feel the energy from our company on the sixth floor. They just come up here and want to know what we’re doing.

I hire salespeople. Can I really tell if they’re a stud? How do you go about judging?

I created a TV show. Who ever wins the TV show slash “interview” will get the job. 460 people we interviewed and we allowed 90 of them to come through. I want to know you will do whatever it takes, ethically, to take care of your family.

Do you think today’s work ethic is going down?

I do 95 hours per week. If you give me $5B dollars tomorrow, I will be HERE. It’s about me having the ability to create. I will be ON THE FIELD. That’s where you score, that’s where you get hit.

Tell me about 10X, what go you to write it?

I didn’t even want to write it. I wasn’t feeling it. The 10X rule is about making goals that are giant. Don’t do what mom and dad said “be reasonable and attainable”. If it is easy you’d take it for granted. If a million dollars was attainable it wouldn’t be worth anything. And by the way, a million dollars IS attainable to everybody.

I believe the bigger the giant, the more unattainable the goal is…the least likely you’ll give up on that goal.

How do you tell the real deal guys versus gurus that have just wrote books?

You’ve got to see their bank accounts. See where they live and what they drive. Ive seen professional speakers touring the world for twenty years and they’ve got two employees. They’ve never built anything. Tony Robbins, I like him. He’s created something, unbelievable marketing guy.

How about all these experts, the Dave Ramseys and Suze Ormans, saying “you’ve got to do this” and they’re putting fear into everybody, what do you say about that?

They’ve made a LOT of money. I wouldn’t trade my net worth for Dave Ramsey’s though. Now what they’ve played into is the fear of America.  Suze says don’t spend your money, Dave says don’t borrow it. Both of them are wrong. What you need to know is how to create it [money]. They [Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey] make money off of fear and networks are made off of fear.

For me I am about expansion, not contraction.

Grant, you interview a lot of people and you’ve got a $100M net worth. How to you balance the two where you make a lot of money and increase your investments?

I take all my income and I push everything into an investment, I don’t diversity. I make sure that “basket” is like the ark. I put myself in a position of survive-ability every month and I make myself broke after pushing every available dollar into one big investment.

How do you stay likeable?

I just don’t care. I drive a Rolls this morning. I know someone out there doesn’t like me. It says more about them than it does about me. The guys that are in a hurry get the good s—t. Everyone else gets the crumbs.

Is it important to become a millionaire and be wealthy?

I think everybody should. You need to get rich and wealthy. Wealth is more important to rich. Rich is an insult to wealthy. Making a lot of money is nothing. Wealth is affluence. I don’t think Donald Trump is a wealthy guy. He doesn’t have it all. As far as running for President, he’s on one big marketing campaign.

How important is it to make 7-figures today?

The first thing you’ve got to do is go from $40k income to $60k. Today the real target to get your head above water is $125k. If you make $4k a month, there is only SO much you can really save. That’s the problem with Suze Orman. People are trying to do the impossible is saving. It takes the same amount of energy to make more money. Clear up your thinking about what your Daddy thinks about money. Get rid of the thinking that you make enough, you don’t, nobody does. Then make a target of making $125k per year, this is the top 10% of earners on planet Earth. I talking about you taking care of your kids, clothes, stuff you need.

What are you top 3 books of all-time?

Crush It
Think and Grow Rich
Greatest Salesman in the World

I read a book every week.

Ok, any advice for single guys?

Stop going to strip clubs and stop going to porn.

What a pick up line, from the master closer?

Dude all I can say is don’t drop your standards. Decide what you really want. I had it written down what type of wife I wanted. (Ok there’s some more profane stuff here so you gotta check it out @ 42:18)

What about advice for young, single entrepreneurs? How does a woman find a stud like you?

Be a gold digger. Why has that become a bad thing? I’m digging for gold every freakin’ day of my life. I’d ask a guy for his financials. If he can’t take care of himself how is he going to take care of you kids? I’d start changing the places I go. Start going to the country clubs, charity events. Landing a guy is one thing, then building a life is another.

Grant goes on to say after further bantering with Patrick’s videographer, Paul Escarcega, about creating a life you want. “Most people in America are just driving around and have succumbed to life. They’re not happy. To be happy you have to be in creation mode.”

Lastly Patrick asks Grant about Grant Cardone TV. “Heck yeah. I want to control my destiny. I want to connect with like-minded people that delivers content that is productive and conducive to expansion. One of the biggest controls of media is big pharma. They spend billions of dollars on the media to sell trillions of dollars of prescription drugs. And the way they do that is to tell you that you have a problem and you need their drug to solve it.”


Also, make sure you watch this video from start to finish. Otherwise you’ll miss out on the revelation of his next order of shrimp. Don’t know what I mean? Watch the end of the video.


So much value in this interview of Grant Cardone on Valuetainment with Patrick Bet-David. If you want to make an immediate impact on your personal finances and approach to entrepreneurship, be sure to follow these guys on their social media sites, live stream Periscope channel and weekly podcasts or videos.

Until we meet again, continue to live smart, love smart and be money smart today!