Greatness Attracts Greatness – Takeaways from NBA All Star Game 2020

Growing up here in Chicago, I watched the Chicago Bulls since my childhood but it was only on the TV or on recorded VHS tapes. Back in the day, there was no such thing as YouTube or live streaming. Today it’s easier than ever to watch and enjoy a game.

But, to be able to witness such a great game live is something else. It’s a dream for many to actually be there, so close to the players. It’s all about the experience really. And to be able to pay upwards of $2400 for a game is a blessing. It’s such a special feeling to see the things that you dream and desire manifest in physical reality. Not out of thin air but out of hard work.

Watching these top-class players, who are among the best at what they do, you really start thinking about what you are doing in your own life and what other people are doing as well. In the game, there were all sorts of top celebrities watching. There was Kim Kardashian, Kanye, Migos, Li’l Wayne and more. They all showed up. It shows that greatness attracts greatness.

One other thing that is important to discuss is the value of a network. The only way you can even get tickets to such an important game and bring your friend with you is by having a great network of people that are connected in the right places. Also, when opportunities like these present themselves, you got to make sure that people feel will like you can capitalize on them. Only then will you be at the top of their shortlist.

You have to work hard for your vision. You have to do it for yourself and you have to do it for your family. You have to make sure you and your family live the lifestyle that you want to live. And that requires hard and committed work. But it has to be work that you enjoy doing. Only then will you be able to give your all towards it. If you haven’t found it, then make sure you do.

When you finally find it, stick with it. Even if it takes a little more time than you had thought it would. People stick with their work for decades and they transform their lives one day at a time. If it is something that you love, it really won’t matter because you will be enjoying it every step of the way. Continue the pursuit and sooner or later, you will reach your destination.

When you continually do that, there will be one very important thing that will happen to you. It will help you develop new skillsets and that will boost your confidence like nothing else. Sure there will be days where you don’t want to do it, but you got to get up and show up. Even the best of the players face this but they show up regardless.