Grunt Style’s CEO Interview with Daniel Alarik

What veteran ISN’T a fan of Grunt Style t-shirts? Honored to grab an interview with CEO Daniel Alarik who has taken $1200 into a $100 million dollar company.

Grunt Style – featured in Forbes

Daniel was recently featured in Forbes magazine and something tells me he’s taking things to a completely different level. Great nuggets shared here about his journey as a veteran entrepreneur.

What attributes do veterans have that translate to entrepreneurship :38

Why don’t more veterans transition into becoming an entrepreneur? :56

How did you learn sales? 1:19

Police officer, firefighter and postal worker are common jobs for most veterans. What were you thinking about doing after your military service? 1:51

What was your first investment into your business? 2:30

What did you learn from something that gave you zero return for your marketing efforts? 3:10

What did you find out that you didn’t know? 3:18

How did you feel when the state of Illinois raised their income tax? 3:46

What does free enterprise, capitalism and entrepreneurship mean to you? 4:34

What is business and background story of developing your mission and story? 5:01

Was their a game-changing marketing campaign that your attribute your success to? 5:41

How do you choose what verticals your expand your business into? 6:05

How did the launch of Merica Bourbon go? 7:15

How has Grunt Style grown into a lifestyle brand? 7:44

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