Hamburger University: Craziest Thing I Saw-Live @Matt Sapaula

Craziest thing I saw at Hamburger University on McDonald’s campus in Oak Brook, IL was NOT Ronald McDonald. For those of you that had watched “The Founder”, it was a great insight to how Ray Kroc revolutionized the food industry.

After we hosted our monthly PHP Agency Fast Start School at Hamburger University, I had a chance to visit the McDonald’s museum. The craziest thing I saw there was…a milkshake machine.

Matt Sapaula discovers the milkshake machine Ray Kroc was selling the McDonalds brothers.

Ray Kroc was selling milkshake machines but what he discovered was a business that would revolutionize the food industry.

Why? It was selling a milkshake machine to the McDonald’s brothers in San Bernardino, CA that Ray Kroc stumbled across a greater vision. It was Ray Kroc sticking to his guns when I know he wanted to quit as a salesman that landed him an opportunity to see the SYSTEM McDonald’s was running to crank out orders in record time.

How many times do we set on to do something and we’re so tunnel visioned that we MISS opportunities right before us? Things don’t happen to you, they happen for you.

As we wrapped up our monthly Fast Start School for New Entrepreneurs at Hamburger University, I couldn’t be more thankful for hosting this at such an iconic place since Oct 2016. The first ever “Hamburger University” for McDonalds Corporation to help standardize the McDonalds system was with only 15 franchisees. It was first held in the basement of the Elk Grove Village, IL restaurant in 1961.

Matt Sapaula wraps up Fast Start School with guest speaker Jorge Pelayo at Hamburger University

Using the McDonald’s campus facilities has been a true source of inspiration for grooming new entrepreneurs. It’s crazy to see the timeline of a billion dollar corporation since 1940 in the McDonald’s Museum.

It doesn’t take the smartest, most talented person to win. It takes those with a determined, consistent work ethic along with a simple, duplicatable system. What makes this fun is a competitive culture that raises standards and never settles for “good enough”.

Here’s to setting off on a journey and discovering greater opportunities along the way!